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@Terminal Devastation: Step 6: PROFIT! :D
My guess: Moltres saves them. George freaks out. Atty's like: =-_-='
That's what smoking does to ya, foo!
He finally realized that fate has decreed that he be fodder for a beginning trainer.
So...the BUG catcher...with the BUG pokemon...wants to challenge a FIRE type? What the hell is he thinking...?
Denied. Friggin bug catcher thinks he can use a fire pokemon...
She looks so excited in the 4th panel, but Atty knows he's in trouble...I sense a battle for the Charmander coming up...
She looks so cute in the 5th panel. :P
For the life of me, i could never get that trick to work. not to mention, i found out about the Missingno glitch AFTER i used my Master Ball...
Well, she's either chasing after him cuz she has a crush on her, or she's planning to steal the Pikachu...I think she's crushing.