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I'm that person you always see peering through the glass window of a convenience store.
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Oh. Did I just spot gratitude right there? And Atticus discussing the perils of randomly setting a Caterpie on fire... in a forest?

*dwindling sense of morality is preventing me from mentioning anything about murder*
.__. I need to practice screentoning. For serious.

EDIT: Fixed a few things. I don't know if it's even noticeable though. XD
^^; Well, at this point I don't really know what to say.

I think this comic's flow is a bit... disjointed? I don't really know. What do you think?

Oh and relic hunter is a job occupation in this world. 8D
Currently wondering how I'm going to draw the next page. Stupid art block.
April 25th, 2011
Thank you!

For those who don't know, vaquero actually means 'cow boy'. Also, I suck at architecture/backgrounds. orz
Intro (?)
Hullo. I hope you enjoy reading this little webcomic. This is actually my first one, so I'm not entirely sure if it'll turn out okay.

Consider this a test comic of sorts. o7
But OHMYGOD. Atticus in that panel. You cannot tell me he isn't pretty. THAT WOULD BE BLASPHEMOUS.