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Kai the Comic Maker
I enjoy Snowboarding, which I am OK at. I like making sprite comics, and just so you know, my other accounts are Zak and Carlos..
and JoltTH.

So be sure to check out my comics, and enjoy please!
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    No info. U MAD BRO
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Signed 1. Am I supposed to sign the rest? Or is one OK?
Commandus Icus
Command away. Sorry about the delay, was playing Rock Band 2.
@MollyThePhycoRabbit: Why? You leik? :333
Jam has small bits of fruit, because it's mashed up basically. Jelly is juice that has been jiggle-fied.
Wouldn't it be..
"Is it true there's such things as stupid questions?" "Of course not." It just didn't sound right, but who am I to judge? This comic's awesome
Holy crap I would say so. I mean, I've read them online, see them in libraries, my school even has how to draw manga books... I'd say it's doing fine.
See I know who that is now.. They make all the music, or their music is used there a lot. Or is that just "Prodigy"?
Hey let's go! Hey let's go! I'm happy as can be!
Now I want a duck for a pet.. D:
I like Rock Band
hate them.
True story. Except for the chick, she wasn't there.
FTW No victory dance, sorry. I can only fit so many things into one large panel.
Commands are now open.
>Continue East in search of other inhabitants.