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You thought I was going to do that? HAHA!
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Totally loved the boss fight
@CarnageRulez312: LOL since when has Rogue ever been a professor in a English class? Worser sounds like something she would say anyway and in the world of comics, there's tons of words that are used which aren't "official" or "real" like Whaddaya which is being used in the first panel.

A real comic book reader, like myself, would know this.

Sorry for the ranting but this is a great page! Great job on the kiss between Rogue and Sonic, too bad Sonic got pummeled at the end though lol
Oh god...
Its the comic that's not a comic.

What happened to sprites fighting each other? What's all this bio crap?
I'm invisible!
I haven't been here in a long time but I'm glad you're still making comics.

You're like one of the few sprite comic makers who actually tries with every single comic you make instead of making rushed garbage. I know you start and stop a lot but its understandable that you are busy and have a life lol
Hmmm, looks really similar to this
I haven't posted on here awhile...
I just want to say I really enjoy these comics! My friends even find them to be quite funny lol
@CarnageRulez312: Joker huh? Let's see how this plays out!
Flash is so badass!
Darkseid is taking it to the Justice League! I like it! The only one who can really put a beating on him are Superman and Wonder Woman!
How about this....
Kratos vs The Hulk! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
@CarnageRulez312: I still like it anyways! Great page, great comic!
Who cares? At least he's doing extra instead of doing nothing at all. You don't know if he'll post the alternate comic later.
I just found this comic today and it is AWESOME!
Hey Carnage
All lot of the requests for the fights suck so I decided to ask for multiple ones instead of just one.

Gambit vs Dante
Lobo vs Ghost Rider
Angel vs Felicia
Solid Snake vs The Punisher
Ivy vs Elektra (SOR)
Rainbow Mika vs Zangief
Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin
This is friggin awesome! Go Nightcrawler!
Good Job!
I'm new and I immediately took a liking to this comic. I love superheroes and this guy actually knows his history. Spider-Man isn't calling Wolverine a bitch and Iron Man isnt overpowered. They actually stay in character!