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Spooky Scary Internet Meme
Ok, Since the image was meant to be an explanation and an eye catcher to clarify that this is basically dead, and old. Some history:

Back in 2011 (Oh god, I was what, 16 years old) I got on the SJ forums and basically posted a self challenge to anyone who would take on it, that being: Any artist, looking for a writer, I will take a theme of your choice, and make a story off of it in a 'One Shot' style of less than 50 pages. The benefit being that I get to show off my writing skill, and you, your art skills, without committing to anything long term.

I went with Yunna's proposal, and it ended up being Vampires. To clarify, I am not partial to vampires, to be honest, aside from the original Dracula (Meaning the older ones, 1931, etc) and the Scarlet Sisters, I basically detest the concept for vampires. But, I agreed to do it, and I could easily come up with a couple plots, so with a bit of work, I came up with the concept of two half vampires that hated each other, but served the same master. That later developed into one being completely useless, though having been a half longer, and a newer one that adapted a little too quickly, but was still a novice.

From there we through ideas back and forth, on and off, for almost a year before it ended up dropping out of favor, Junior year catching me off guard. And long story short, killing our development for it.

And now, 3 years later, after one accidental posting due to only being able to postpone a comic for 2 years, here we are. The entire thing, from what we managed to get to, including a very rough sketch out of the first 7 pages!

While I'm not sure what will happen to this in the future, if there are enough really interested people, I might be willing to finish up the first 7 pages we have here, if I can get Yunna in on it. Either that or another work of mine might crop up eventually. RIP Poke-What?
Yeah, I intended to put a 'Beat' panel between this one and the previous, but I decided its probably better that I don't. I also intended to have them carrying him, but there isn't a whole lot to work with in these sprites.
Almost finished with the flash back, just two more!
Bacon is the hero Baconman needs, not the one he deserves.
Mmmmm Bacon...
The Build Up
And now we start the joke two and a half years in the making. Lets see if it is really worth it!

I am not re-adding the "Other People's Pokemon" thing like I did before. Its an unnecessary amount of work, slows down the production by like 5 to 8 minutes. Or did anyway, now its like 2 minutes, but still, that's enough to deter me from continuing. I'm lazy like that, sometimes...

Also, got 19 and 20 up, they will come out tomorrow and Saturday.
The Return!
So it has been two and a half years... Didn't realize it had actually been that long until yesterday, but yeah.

I figured I'd at least finish the episode, finished scripting it out yesterday evening and made parts 17 and 18 this morning. 18 should be released tomorrow.

Going to try to script out Episode 8, though I'm not 100 percent sure what I want to do in that episode...

Also I hope you like the new format, I decided to rework it since the old one was well... old. Got rid of the items because to be honest, if anyone wants to know what he has I could just reply with it. No real point in keeping something that will only update every few dozen panels...
November 5th, 2014
Such an amazing change of pace. I can't wait to see where this goes.
November 28th, 2012
What an important moment! The plot changer there! Can't wait till you get back to where you were, but the remake is worth the wait! Thanks for the epic work!
Im going to skip the first panel because its played directly into the last panel of the previous page...

2nd is great, focus on the symbol, and maybe add the red tint (once again) to the Master's blood.

3rd, no problem, except I want to rework the dialogue there, but that can wait!
(1st panel) The more accurate term would be sparks, but I get what your going for there. (2nd) again with the Anger... (3rd) your doing fine there.

The 4th is the one I want to talk about. The smile. To be honest, That kind of smile is what for me puts most vampires into the same category as snakes... Not to say anything, but baring fangs is a snake thing, and I personally don't think its a vampire thing, but most people are against me. However I have a work around. Human's already have Canine's, so instead of doing that kind of smile I would think that sideways smirk with the teeth showing would work better, just enlarge the canines to fangs. But I want to ask you if we should keep it or change it, I just find it a bit to cliche, but you may prefer it, so I'll leave that to you.

Errm the 5th-6th got my attention too... Not to say anything, I just think there is a better way to handle that... But there are a few problems with it as well... This one is pretty complex actually...

Basically, you are showing off the sword and the Master's strength with that, and that's fine, however I'm debating if the way you did it is the best to do it...
We are going for the sophisticated vampire thing so straight violence may not be the best thing for that, but it would also mean not showing off the Master's power (though the sword can be worked in...). This one probably should be debated more then the others, so I'll include this in the message as well, but I re-imagined this a bit... but Ill save that for the message.

Overall, really good for the finishing of the climax all that remains is the falling action and how we want to work with the last half of this page.
1st panel, focus on art, not much to say about these.

2nd should probably focus on the thug's back and the Master's shadow, which sounds strange, but the shadow is the other half of the panel, so be specific with it, but make sure it is still a shadow.

3rd and 4th are mostly about Trev's pain, so focus on that.

The 5th is the boss's anger... so yeah, follow the obvious trail... (I feel like I'm saying the obvious and it kind of seems rude...)

Overall, focus on the Master's entrance and Trev's despairity with out him looking like a crybaby... lol
First panel, needs to be more about Trev's panic then about what is happening... Problem is I'm not exactly sure how to show that... I'll think on it, but...

2nd panel, and this will probably be the most important panel on the page. I'm assuming its a blood drop, liquids look the same without color, which is what I'm bringing up, I think that panel would benefit the most by adding small light strokes of red from a colored pencil or something, just lightly enough to make it out as red, but not enough to draw it from the rest of the page.

3rd, the blood can stay black in this panel and should probably be on his had a bit more, but in splotches. The panel from there can go however you feel, you can focus on the blood or the effect of it.

The 4th panel is a good break from the injury, maybe add blackish tints around the corners, like he is passing out and sees that. As for the rest, that should be a bit, but not too much detail on the thugs. As for what the 4th thug is carrying... Ive got no clue... A camera?

5th panel should focus on Trev's overall condition while the 6th is his fading light, make is eyes intense, but not as much as you did with the previous eye shot on the other page, to show fading life.

Again, great page, considering in the first page you didn't see Trev from that angle you've kept continuity with the Manager's parking space, and done a great job of focusing on the injury while not making the entire page about it. Loving this so far!

I just read what you did next and that makes me want to change the 6th panel a bit, but it might force some of the other pages to have to be edited... Ill send you a message specifically on it when I'm done.
First panel, great addition for the hood falling down, that's probably better then what I could have come up with. We will have to let textures fill the blank space in the wall, but that is what they are for.

2nd panel, it should focus specifically on showing off their boss, not too much more, maybe add something to the background considering unlike the first panel (which has the floor meeting the wall thing) there is nothing in his background and adding a flat wall wouldn't be best to show him off (return of the streetlight? its simple to draw and you don't have to show much of it, maybe just the pole.)

3rd panel is meant to show off the knife, maybe have it look like its in the pocket across two panels, the top having an outside view with the rem of the pocket, the bottom being inside the pocket with some textures to make it look that way. (Seams around the sides in the shape of a pocket) Also maybe have the knife cutting the pocket without him knowing, would make it a bit more menacing.

4th and 5th are drawn together art-wise. The boss is supposed to be crazy looking and Trev is supposed to look crazy scared, which your doing a good job of even in a sketch. For the boss, just focus on making him look good over all, but for Trev focus specifically on the eye. The eye is what will "sell" that panel entertainment wise, the eye IS the panel.

Overall, good, maybe make the bottom two panels larger and closer to the knife, or the knife larger and closer to the other two. The choice depends on which one you want to show off more. I think I should leave that choice to you though!
The first two are really the same for the page, mainly just focus on art.. not to much you can improve on otherwise.

3rd panel, again the cursed window (I knew it would be there even before I saw this page... good work on remembering to keep it there though!). Again this is mostly art, the 4th member can be easily cut or replaced if we don't keep him, and probably should put our friend the streetlight behind them, but further back.

Overall, climax page, so it should be more art then dialogue its a physical not a psychological climax. Though the 2nd's little comment should be kept, but maybe made a bit less obvious to those not looking directly at him, its really more to fill the blank space of that wall (not plot relevant).
Ok, Starting from the top down in the order you would read it.

First, I failed, even though I read the rest the right order, for some reason I messed up with the first two... But, I can review them in the correct order since I noticed that.

So, the first panel is self explanatory, shows the setting, though only mildly, to be picked up in the 2nd panel. Considering what its for, its best to be as creative as you can on that panel, put a bit more work into it considering nothing is happening, make it look good. Also, while I understand its a sketch, we should probably work to make the lamps look realistic, lol.

2nd Panel (This is looking to be a massive wall on each page...) First off, the back of the building. Considering he is leaving from an exit in the back of the building, I don't think there should be a window there, so probably cut that, though that would mean the side would need some kind of texture to make it look more realistic. The dumpster is a great way to show that this is a back exit and not a shallow road or something. The lamp in the background is where it needs to be, but maybe throw in some continuity, aka add the tree next to it, just not as detailed, just a base outline with enough to tell its a tree (About the same quality as the lamp in general)

3rd, continuity fail from what I see. Basically continuity is key here, unless you meant that building from another side (One not shown). It would be best to draw the same building as the one he didn't walk out of with that perspective. So I'd say to make them the same building. As for the shadows... I'm assuming that's what the 8 circles are, they will just need to be a darker tint then the background there... Maybe put them in the shadow of the streetlight (just remembered what they were called...)

4th panel, not much to say, its the way it should be, but with a window, the cursed window!

5th, really good way to introduce, again, not sure about the 4th gang member but you probably had him before you drew this and knew he probably wouldn't work. I want to make the suggestion that we could do this with 3 thugs if you don't care that there isn't 4, If we cut him we could leave that space blank, have the 2nd's speech bubble there and make it more distinguishable on how to read that, if not at least raise the 2nd's speech bubble a bit. Just for clarity.

Overall, really good page, couple of continuity errors, but I doubt you were as critical as I am. I'm not saying all of this needs to be fixed, just that it needs to be considered.
Trying to make a comeback
I was sick for a while there... no chance to make comics...

Plan on picking the series back up as soon as possible but I have to get a few things in order...

Partitioning my hard drive for Windows 7 soon... have not backed up that much of the information though...

And I'm working to upgrade my computer in general, but once I'm done with that it should be slightly easier to update the comic. So hopefully I can come back in full power soon!

And yes, the entire forest is after them now. I'll explain what Mera did a little later though!
There is that one, just so I don't destroy the plot I had before the hiatus.....

Ill try to build up a buffer when I have time, once I do I will be posting regularly again!
Well forget that....
So I got irritated at waiting for random luck to help me find those sprites so instead I just went for it. Kind of broke my promise for an actual battle, but whatever... I figure people would rather read the comic then have one small battle, plus that one was comedic....

Its the summer for me, and I have a lot of things to do so updates will be sparatic until I get my foot back in the door of making comics.

As for the plot... I actually forgot where this was going so I'm just going to have to improvise....
Glandor! Your dare betray Melody!?!?!

I thought you were a better sunflower then that. But I may just be wrong....