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I love Mal. AKA Sarall. She is my fiancee. Go read her comic, My Sister the Dragon. ...I was an author, but I had her remove me because it's her story and I do nothing to help out, really. :(

But now we have a new comic as a couple called Actually Quite Brilliant (AQB for short). :D It's great. Go read. Now. Well, maybe after you read Mal's comic.

Peace out.

(haha, i have done my part to promote the comics. now mal can't hurt me. yay)

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Just noticed your posting again! YYYAAAYYY!
duck and cover
Duck and cover theo
Stairs of DOOM!
I like where this is going.
sucks to be that guy. open wounds, rotted floors gotta be lots of bacteria. Hope hes got some alchol or peroxide.
I have an idea. The shield is an actual seal while the sword protects the seal for anyone trying to attack lana with any magic (including healing magic).

As stated im a mage in AQB so i have ideas. Soon i will post a comic in AQB so everyone beware.
Since vampires not being able to cross water is a lesser know fact would it mean that as the vampires develop that they would lose that weakness or water just doesnt hurt them as much?

Sry ive been gone a while. Been working on a comic with sarall.
The last pannel is the best ever. loves ya
sry its been so long
give me a B. Give me an E. Give me an A. Give me a U. whats that spell?

I love war hores.
yes you did
beautiful comic. I love the background on the forth pannel.

masterweaver: you just need to be more careful what you say because has an effect on all those around you.
you know what i hate
Man, I hate it when people brag but show no signs of what they bragged about. On top of that, I also hate when people type inside jokes to themselves and then insult others for being naive to the inside joke they typed. Just because we have not read the same books does not mean we are not well read.

Sorry, masterweaver, you're just begining to piss me off with your attitude that you are better than others when you haven't even seen those you insult face-to-face. I don't care how old you are; your mental capacity looks like that of a child from what I've seen of your posts. You may not be this way and I may be wrong but you are doing nothing to prove to me otherwise.
If it was obvious why did you post? masterweaver
serves him right
The kid should have listened to him. Muhahahhahaha!! Fire is pretty.
kick ass
Vincents back and there isn't shit those worms can do about it.
Chain Hit
Man this is not good at all for Drake. It looks like the People no longer fear Drake. They are taking advantage of him being nice to the peasents. He could have killed them if he wanted so they should be more thankful than angery. If I was Drake I would have pointed this out by now. Also I would End this as fast as posible because the more people hurt the more they are angery and most likely to follow them and try to hunt them down.
hey no sweat
i should be the one bowwing to you because I have no art skills. Thank you for actually finding time to do this comic. I know how bad school can get. College is really hard on everyone so dont give up.
its the music that we choose
Yeah, She fought really hard with herself not to put that one in there.
all most there
muhahahhahahha. All most there. Watching these makes me feel better in the morning.
my favorite comic is next. I love this comic too and i belive it was beautifully done.
funny funny
this, i have to say, is funny funny stuff. I will be coming to see you my love so hold on a little longer ok.
No shes not she probably just has not seen you yet because she started college yesterday. But im here and i could relay the message for you. Im her fiancee, But i highly doubt it because she wont even let me co-host the comic.