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Omicron Upsilion Sigma Omicron Upsilion Sigma.

Leagally insane scince birth.

Calls many Younglings.
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You all are forgeting one thing:

GLaDOS designed Cherman [i]specifically[/i] to win the game. And knowing GLaDOS, she would have conducted hundreds of lethal tests before she sent out the final model.

I'm guessing Cherman's a great actor, an even better manipulater, and has the editing team on his side.
Scanner needs to come up soon.
Since it IS day 39, I'm going to ask if you got my application. Did you?


Well, this vote could swing any which way now. This is certainly going to be an interesting council, especially if Heinz continues to deny voting for Oehda.
Wow this is getting intense. I wouldn't be surprised if Heinz was taken out by an extension of the twist that brought him back in.
Ira: Win immunity and vote Melanie
Melanie: Vote Heinz/Matt, get nullified
One or both of Heinz and Matt: Vote Melanie.

Final Council: That one girl reveals Heinz's secret, discrediting him. Nobody votes for Matt. Ira wins.
I might... MIGHT be able to bring this back to life.


Let me get my scanner fixed.
Out of curiosity, did the character I sent you make the cut?
I just thought of something horrible. Ventious might not actually come back.

Because, rocketing at that speed, they could hit a rock or something...

...snapped bones...

...helicopter trauma team...

...Fangirls devastated...

...early merge...

...the Vent six split between male and female...

I think that I have predicted the next plot twist.
The worst part is that Ventious is actually a good guy, and he actually wanted to play the game. But now he has a fan club... That really ruins the day.
Ho'aku for final two? Would be sweet to see...
I said I'd have something up today
So here she is: The Duzie mark 4 prototype Kin K. She'll be entering the comic soon, but for now this is filler. Anyway, some updates need to happen...
...You do realize Chinese dragons don't have wings...?

...Or breathe fire?

Is the Zodiac outsourcing? That would totally be understandable.
Xaing Fu Profile...
...You know what? The picture really says it all.

I've noticed that all the "yang" characters thus far are girls. Despite Yang being the male side of things... Here's an idea: All the Zodiac members have limited shapeshifting, being able to go from human to whatever animal they are and anywhere in between, as well as voluntarily switching gender. They are representations of an immortal ever-shifting system, after all!
Ah, you're back. And may I say that I find Kaylee to be the only sane member of the cast.
Excuse me, but what is a Fixed Element? I understand that every twelve year cycle switches the elements around. Does fixed Element mean the element of the creature in this cycle?
Jasen, you can go without sleep. WATCH HIM. LIKE A HAWK.

Actually, Jasen has a point. If we hide "Russel" and let the other tribe think he's "Mister Stabby," then we have a secret weapon at merge AND the threat of revealing his secret should he choose to betray us. It's risky--who am I kidding, it's a sheer fiery lane--but nothing ventured...
Driz explicitly voted off Skazz. The endgame record says she voted off Jasen.


Oh ho ho.

Skazzatrazz, you sneaky devil....
Um, somebody already did. That's why it's pink.

Although it could use some feathers.
Which one? There are multiple Duzies.