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the hand :D
I really like that hand in the last channel, it´s kinda sexy xD
He turned into a statue? Maybe his lover will kiss him awake?
Wait aren´t that the clothes that Robin Hood wears in the Disney movie with the animals?
Man, I loved that movie!
And by the way this comic is verrrry nice :D
What´s your job, Minty?
People stop being your fans?
That´s not nice.
I like your comic and he is a really poor guy, if you ask me... Always trying to be nice and then being backstabbed by an unfaithful boyfriend.
Can you speak animal (the language)?
Or why do the bears like you?
Minty, do you have any favorite games after torturing Gin of course?
February 10th, 2012
Like in the simpsons? xD
Poor guy, he is telling the truth and still gets the blame O.o how unfair.
Calm Down
Hey, I am first!
So you have to calm down, everything will be okay, I am sure.
I love this comic and I am happy that you finally continue. Keep up with this wonderful comic and everything will be just fine ^^
Want to see LOVE! or how Vanillas friends find out he´s gay :D