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well i can be a little tsundere at times,i am a lazy person,i love chocolates and dogs,i am afraid of cockroaches and well insects in general,heights and clowns(lol),i like colors like blue,black and yellow,i also like playing videogames,watching scary movies and funny ones,i like to read,draw and play the piano and my favorite season is winter and i also don't know how to use punctuation,LOL not that it is sometnhing to be proud anyway xD
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i actually do what he does in my english class xD;
huh o.o? it already ended?! OTL cliff hangers Dx
XD fail lolol and rofl that waiter is priceless XD THAT FACE XD
FFFFF i loled so hard they always go all ''omfg what is this feeling?'' im like ''=.=its a fart you have stuck=_=''
xD she's just being tsundere kathi xD you'll convince her fer sure >;D
XD lmao i thought he had done yaoi too until i remembered ran was a girl xD lol so he just randomly kissed her e.o even though in his eyes she's supposed to be a boy xD? LOL
she looks cute on this page ;o i can't wait for chapter 3 xD
XD reminds me f when ppl in my class turn off the lights and say 1 2 3 and start throwin papers xD for like 5 mins ;P
XD he really did it XD that last panel is love <3
don't tell me mika is crying D;?nuu </3
i also thought it was Russia XD he looks cute though <3Also,i think it's supposed to be ''you're'' not ''your'' ..
so what will you do now ai xD? i want to read the next page so bad XD
It's okay xD hope you do well on your exams ;D,also,i bet he still remembers xD
FFFFFF NOOOO D; poor mika </3 if i was alex i would slap that teacher -_-
xD she just keeps rejecting her xD
i got 294 XD i wanted to get to 300 XD OTL
why do i think that the prof is gonna kiss alex Dx?
XD but he put on loose pants o.o won't they fall 8D?
lol i i have a heartache about what might happen next 8D
LOL at stalker pen 8D