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I live near seattle washington and own a used book store, as you might imagine I enjoy reading, but cannot spell worth crap.
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RE: Phil. C
Actually I think he might have been in Vancouver longer than Bishop street. Based on the timeline of Patrick’s drug recovery, it’s been a minimum of four years.
You can tell Jez is a real man because he wears his boxers in his own house, company be damned.
I feel like this chapter of Peter’s life has enough material for a whole other comic, but I understand it’s not really connected to the overall PoY story
On second review, Dude on the left is suspiciously detailed and interesting looking for a background character half off panel...
Happy Anniversary dude.

I won't even hold it against you for losing me so much money ;)
re: TomHCinMI
Jesus, wouldn't that be a trip?
That last panel is really cute, with the size difference in the hands. A lot of artists forget that people have different sized hands, but it really makes it adorable.
Peter decides to shave downstairs at the same time he stops cutting the rest of his hair... Seems like a Peter thing to do lol

EDIT: Looks like that was actually an art mistake, it’s been changed now
Breeder, lol. Been a while since I heard that one. And people say heterophobia isn’t real. Had a friend that straight up wanted nothing to do with straight people whenever possible.
If we don't get at least one shot of naked sad musician Peter, I say we riot.
@guest 3
I don't think it's necessarily doomed. Together they might have brought each other enough stability to hold together. I don't see any reason to not have at least tried it. If life's too short, it's definitely too short to miss out on any positive experience you could have, even if they're temporary.
RE: Wait a Minute
I think the date is vague, but sometime in the 80's
Hey now, she didn't look that bad XD
I need to know what show they’re talking about
“So long, and thanks for all the fish!”
So, uh, Where's that picture of Peter from? That availible anywhere?
Oh no

I think he broke
Just look at that last panel, Andy know he's sexy XD
RE: Da-vincent
Plot twist, everyone except Peter leaves or dies and the entire prologue was just a hallucination as he OD’s on heroin