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I live near seattle washington and own a used book store, as you might imagine I enjoy reading, but cannot spell worth crap.
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Has to get happier soon, right? Plz
Goodbye, Patrick :(
RE: ShinigamiMaxwell
Well, not a very big part, from what we've seen before ;)
Getting caught having sex is the only time it takes less time to put your clothes on than it did to take them off.

Patrick totally deserves this btw, hopefully it will shake him up and help him get his shit together instead of pushing him of the deep end into more dangerous people. I'm not holding my breath on that one though.
"I've actually just got this really crazy itch inside my butt, and we tried to administer drugs to make it stop, purely for medical purposes, and when that didn't help he offered to scratch it, but it was too far up for a finger so..."
For anyone confused like I was
The comic is still updating, this page just shows up first. You have to use the back arrows to get to the new updates!
That first panel tho
You sure know how to hold an audience, Mr. Twist! ;)
I’m so happy at least one of them looks to be on her way up and out of there :D

I've never shipped two ladies before. It's just usually totally off my radar. But I ship this.
"Actually I'm broke, but I'd love a drink, thanks!"
Panel 4 Kara
She knows what she wants
Leisha looks pretty in panel 3, I hadn't thought she was before. And she seems really nice. I hope she and Kara can have a good time together, whatever that means for them.
The characters in this scene have such neat designs! Bartender lady looks like a dude from a 90s teen film. The woman hitting on Kara looks a little bit... dead. But in a "Might be a vampire" kinda way.
But still terrible

Hot tho
Oh no
That "falling" panel makes me damn uneasy
Bad feelings are happening all over this page
Jason is a good guy. He seems to be able to handle himself with the hard stuff, which is a rare thing. I hope he starts to recognize that Patrick apparently can't.
I guess I don't see how this would serve as a wake up call, he's already aware of the problems, he just doesn't want to deal with them.

Especially with that last line, she crossses over into personal attack, that's how you shut the other person down completely and ruin any chance they might have listened to you. She's not taking his problems as seriously as he does, he's not going to listen to someone who from his perspective is dismissive and minimalizing his life. You can't beat someone into seeing things your way, you have to work with them.