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I live near seattle washington and own a used book store, as you might imagine I enjoy reading, but cannot spell worth crap.
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This is a fantastic ending, I'm sure to be followed by just a good an epilogue(?)

And then, of course, an infinite stream of increasingly tangential sequels and spinoffs, so ninety years from now I can be sitting in a nursing home floating above the clouds like the Jetsons, reading about Peter's son's roommate's daughter's life, and it will be fantastic.
These last pages making me remember why I used to crush on Peter. Which also makes me remember how long i’ve been reading this, like, I started in the first year of high school and now I’m about to be in graduate school for the second time. Can’t believe it’s actually ending.
Maybe if Patrick had greeted him with a kiss...
50% kiss

50% punch

Risky move there, Slugger
That face got me, literal out-loud laughter. Still got it XD
I have a bad feeling Michelle isn’t going to take this well. She’s too happy. People aren’t allowed to be this happy in PoY.
I think because it played out over so much time, I have a hard time remembering what Christo actually did wrong. I know he was a dick about... something.
As a dude who was recently “Made of Honor” I appreciate the representation XD
I started reading this comic maybe 10-11 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school. I honestly think going through Peter's experiences with college before I got there helped me be more prepared than I would have been otherwise. Thanks for the leg up, Mr. Twist. :)
Lol, you do know what we want :)
Somehow the ancient flip phone makes the comic setting feel even older than just not having them at all lol
No no no!
It’s too soon! I’m not ready for this to be over...

Can’t we have a few more months of Peter playing Ska music and being Canadian first :’(
RE: Phil. C
Actually I think he might have been in Vancouver longer than Bishop street. Based on the timeline of Patrick’s drug recovery, it’s been a minimum of four years.
You can tell Jez is a real man because he wears his boxers in his own house, company be damned.
I feel like this chapter of Peter’s life has enough material for a whole other comic, but I understand it’s not really connected to the overall PoY story
On second review, Dude on the left is suspiciously detailed and interesting looking for a background character half off panel...
Happy Anniversary dude.

I won't even hold it against you for losing me so much money ;)
re: TomHCinMI
Jesus, wouldn't that be a trip?
That last panel is really cute, with the size difference in the hands. A lot of artists forget that people have different sized hands, but it really makes it adorable.