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I live near seattle washington and own a used book store, as you might imagine I enjoy reading, but cannot spell worth crap.
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He's so thin now :(
My memories are vague. Didn't somebody tell Christo to stop talking to her? This could mean trouble.

Still, I hope it doesn't. Christo deserves something good happening to him right about now.
Re: Miamistax
Based on that author comment, it might be Mr. Twist XD
Well, to be fair, we don't know if the future in the opening is still the future now that so much has happened in the past. Something might have changed.

Way to kill my ambitions of becoming a psychic

This is so weird, I could swear I have seen this page before o_O
re: migue
Shawarma is a little different. Kebab, gyro, and Shawarma are similar dishes, basically the local take on the same dish from the different cultures around the Mediterranean.
This lady knows what's up :)
I think I've seen this stage before. He's getting burned out, losing the ability to enjoy anything but the drugs. Nothing else is intense enough to compare. It's not pretty.
You know, mr. Twist, if the whole "respectable artist" thing doesn't work out for you, I think you could have a promising career in adult media.
Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise :)
Oh, Mulligan...
You aren't going to be able to run away from this, but I can't blame you for trying.
Oh wow, apparently it hasn't been nearly as long as I thought. The chapter opening had me thinking we had a timeskip for some reason and it was at least a few months later. Apparently not. At least that makes the line about not having spoken to Michelle less of a bad sign.
RE: Artephius
Definitely stubble. It's too regular to be a shading thing, it's the beginings of the goatee he has in the Present/flash forward sections.
What do you say?
Man, I wish I knew. When things like this happen and the people close to it break down into pretty much incoherent panics like this... there's really nothing to do but stay with them and wait for it to pass.
She (I can't remember name) Looks really unconcerned. I wonder if she doesn't know what's happened yet. Christo's reaction is pretty interesting here too. Not sure what to make of it.
I hadn't thought of Mulligan before, but man he can't possibly take this well. Part of me feels like he shouldn't, as big of a jerk as he can be sometimes, but maybe this is what he needs to turn around. I just want everyone to be ok. :(

Tomorrow's forecast: Several massive fucking shitstorms. Buckle up. Keep all hands and feet inside the comments at all times.

Try not to cry.

Cry a lot.
The tension here is killing me. Just the sheer dread of having to tell michelle. And then everyone else. All the things that have to happen now and the way things have to change. It has to be a tiny piece of what Peter is feeling, but it's seriously uncomfortable.