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And then...
Dylan's phone starts ringing unceasingly
The family
So the "family" has been seen and I can't help but wonder if they will show up later to cause issues...
Unknown characters
Ohh...! Is the guy at the bottom a future character?! He looks a little like Wolcott - evil twin maybe? Nope... probably 50 shades of nope.

Happy belated Valentines Day to you too!
That's the spirit Wolcott! Go get 'im!
OMG...Tobi's face is adorablely serious...I love it!
@lovelessbutterfly: I had the exact same reaction with the addition of "How did I not notice how well that sweater fits him...?"
So I finally sat down and read DLM and I'm really sorry I waited so long! I love it and can't wait to see where it goes and what trouble Wolcott gets into (Because he seems the type).

This is a bit late, but it was a pleasure to meet you at Otakon. Keep up the hard work! :)
@demicoeur: Awww...Well! I'm sure he'll pop up at some point!

Dice and Nine have achieved a new friend! (maybe)
As everyone else says the page is wonderful. It's better than I could do!(so that makes it super wonderful)

Praxisssss! You're keeping the short nails!
I desperately want that to be Jayden turned into a half something cause he broke the bonding thingie....Am I a bad person?
Are you kidding me?
EVERYTHING is going to go wrong! qnq

I barely know this boy but I know he's gorgeous and he reminds me of Dicen for some reason.
Well...I would freak if I saw a ghost looking like it's about to rape me...Baine. this is what you get for putting your legs above your head.

On another thought, thanks so much for the fabulous new pages!
The kid turns around and he has no face and then Baine screams like a girl and gets caught by the serial Gwynn. Then... Shiro comes with magic paper and exorcises Gwynn and they decide that they're an awesome ghost busting team and that Gwynn will always be the bait...or something...XP
Wait...this it the end...? qnq
Aww well...
I actually like Gwynn but I didn't get aroudn to looking at the pages until today so I guess I missed it...-slinks off-
261 pages
I just read this whole comic for the first time. In a little less than an hour.

Fantastic characters and plot! I'm so excited for the continuing story!
Oh really...
You \won't\ let him huh...? And how will you stop him~?

Good luck! -waves pompoms-
Why do I see a bubble on the next page saying something to the affect of "And it would also be my last."??
@AnonUsagiSan: You can do it! -cheers for-