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Shadow Raikou
My DeviantArt name is RaikouArtist. =)
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All I have for now is that Reshiram showed Pi all that.

Also, N and Pi might be related to each other, and both might be related to the past heroes.

The musketeers might be defending Unova as a reigon. Basically, from both Humans and the dragons.
Really hoping for a new comic. :I
All hail google translate.
Roark still looks very young-ish, while Kynim is waaaay older.

Wonder how Byron looks now.
I will not give up on my favorite nuzlocke even if it takes a year to update. =3
Ze cat stares at us, with all it's mighty eyes.
I have been following your comics for like... April. But I don't comment that much.

I love your comics, they are really funny. =D
The flow chart was awesome. Pi should totally fall on that bridge, as there are trucks passing below her. xD

All of Professor Juniper's faces are icon worthy.
Sorry for the delay. I was wrapped up in school stuff.
Took me a while to figure out that it reads right-left. xD
With some authors deleting discontinued webcomics, I rather save the funniest pages of those hiatus-webcomics.
I remember the original style quite good. >I had saved a few pages of this comic. Lolz, I still have the Hell Kitchen wallpaper. xD

The font seems to be Anime Ace, and by the looks of this art, I think the revamp is going to be better.
Hoo. Wow. Loved that detail on Zir. Inspired by B2W2? Also, did the Triad just kill off Clay? What? Now THIS is an interesting twist. =)
Koopa Cruiser is awesome.
Introducing the two Koopas, Koom (Blue Koopa Troopa) and Ploom (Purple Koopa Paratroopa)!
Peach will call a gathering even if they defeated a bunch of Goombas. -_-
Here goes. And yes, I do know that the background has pokeballs. xD
Hm. I suppose that deleted scene would end up being an extra? xD

Awesome as always. Love Prof. Juniper and Lenora. It did get a bit cheesy with the 'I'm not sure how to react' and all that, but what is a nuzlocke without some drama? =)

Loved the back-story for Alder, through. It seems that E4 don't get challengers at all, but when they do get them, they get 2-3 in a row. xD
@Lady Darkrina: Same. I love the ice and the flames, but blue electricity. Blue electricity. Nobody can dislike THAT. (After all these years watching that freaking mouse of a Pikachu use thunderbolt, blue electricity seems cooler.)

I always see Mew and Mewtwo as 'Brothers', actually. But again, that is my opinion. Also, I think in Mewtwo Strikes Back, they did say that Mew gave birth to Mewtwo. >_>