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I like to draw and make stories to read
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Ahhhh YEshhhhh !!!
there so cute, adorable puppies
I love this comic so much, its amazing.

Awww there so cute, I feel bad for them, hope this ends well
September 14th, 2013
there so cute <3
O is our adorible leo falling for someone :P
They are adorible together <3
So me your face mystery men
hahaha I like the mysterious guy already :D
AWWW come on dont stop now
NICEEEEE beautiful page
i am so damn happy that you are back
i am so happy that your are back
i like the prince his face in the first panel
whaaaaaaaa that demon kid is awesome XDD
aww lucifer us so darn CUTE
OMG those two are so cute together whene are there coming new pages ...
wow nice
you cant run form death forever
nice page

its really the emotions that i feel right now
tam tam tam tammmmm
AWW lucifers hair is so cute ^^
hahaha lol
that`s what i do when i see my self with make-up XD


but it looks pretty cool
whahahhahaaaaa love this page ^^
i love your comic <33