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-awkward Silence-
Yaoi & Shounen-ai

Things -cackle-
The stupid fangirl-like girls from Manga & Anime
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I hope the duck loses. For AK's sake that is.

I wonder what state the duck'll be in when it crosses the finish line. (If it does at all =____=)
Hehe I love how the pics came out too ^ ^


Why is Bo thinking 'Stomp Stomp Stomp'?

and also Bo looks OLD in the 7th pannel. Then he looks cute in the 8th one ^ ^

Kya~!! I just may faint right now... *takes a deep breath*
KISSU!!!! THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! When I saw this page I really almost fangirl squealed. 8D Awesome~! <3

lol *pokes Liam's nose* xD

I agree, Everyone would love a RichardXHenryish break xDD
NUU!!! Liam and Ed can't spend time together!!! TT-TT

But Henry and Richard...??
"I can cheat without being noticed!"

xD I don't know why, but that sentence made me lol.

I wonder what's going to happen next~! *anticipation*
:o AK is not dirty! He washes himself multiple times a day D8


I love Ike in the first pannel >.> pervert.
I really like Henry's hair ^ ^

A-N-G-S-T!!!! The last pannel's so cute ^/////^
Just wondering, is Henry picking up the leaves using the rake?

Henry probably has a censor somewhere telling him that Liam isn't very happy and needs a talking to.


I see Richard is kicking everyone elses, butt. Probably cause of what's going on now ^ ^
I wonder if anyone else notices the sail on the duck :/

This is the first time that I accuatly want someone to lose...
I'd love to hear about Henry and Richard's past ^ ^

*is looking forward to it~!!*
It's nice to see Kaoru's feeling a little better *smiles*
What are you gonna do to Liam??? TT-TT
I'm guessing AK's duckie won...

Because Ike is smiling afterall >.>
*makes a plushie out of the fluff*