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Hmm there's not much to say about myself.
I'm a normal Finnish high school student and stuff. :D

Likes: procrastination, comics, drawing, gaming, PS3, piano, pirates, lolita and steampunk-related things, interesting character designs, dogs, eating cheesecake, sleeping.

Dislikes: physical education, preps, deadlines, procrastination, not getting enough cheesecake or sleep.

I'm the one who draws the lineart for Sky Pirates. I also help Efoto with her ideas and convert them to my own style, plus I design some of the characters :3

you can view my art either on tumblr or on deviantart<3
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March 22nd, 2012
Hello everyone! It's been such a long time since we've updated, and we're truly sorry for that :c
I've had millions of exams and essays to finish, but let's celebrate the end of those with this page! :D
And in case anyone is confused, these first pages of chapter 2 are all part of the plot, they aren't like those Halloween special-pages. Just sayin'. I'm going to draw the next page in the near future so the next update shouldn't take as long :U

but anygay, time for replies <3

tangyskittles - I hope that this page clears stuff up for you. :D

a v e r y - thanks<3 and great~ porn helps >:D
July 18th, 2011
The sun is dangerous for those who have an unnatural sleeping pattern. :L aka going to bed at 6 am, waking up around 4 pm. n___n
anyway, great comic so far.
April 14th, 2011
Here we have the first page of the first chapter!! <3 The second page hasn't even been drawn yet so there might be a delay with the next update... ;u;;
Anyway, thanks for all your support so far, it keeps the comic going! :D


mizilla - :D:D we are, too! C:

mabilen - Thank you <333 and Pistol just likes to hold on to what he finds his "own" XD