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C-could you please make the images in a smaller size...? ;_; I'm having a hard time scrolling all that much and I can't clearly see the image as a whole. >.<

Anyway, I'm glad you decided to continue it... maybe, judging by the sporadic updates. ;O;
For some peculiar reason I feel like the creator of this comic is really.fucking.awesome.
I mean, I already knew that but now... it feels a bit more different. More sophisticated somehow. Moooore... how to say this... I don't even know. But I like it. I like the creator's brain. :'D
@2die: Woaa that helped a lot!! >υ<
Thank you very much! :D <3
I-I- GOD this comic is just amazing but I NEEEED to ask this question... ;_;
How many colors did you use in order to draw his skin?
I mean it's just WOA, it gives the exact effect I want my drawings to give (but epically fail...).
How many colors is it? How many layers? ;_; (actually just tell me the colors, I'll figure the layers by myself, no problem ^^; Eh- if you don't mind, tell me that as well? Hehehe... ^^;)
Ahahahahaha!! XD
Omg,my stomach hurt from laughing. xD

I..have actually done this myself.. xD
After losing weight I'm like "Yeeey~" and start eating in order to 'reward' myself, with result gaining the weight I lost. xD
Hahaha, awww... xD
Poor girl. :P
..and froggy. xD
Hahahahaha!! xD

I have been reading your story and it is really amazing..but this scene made me laugh sooo hard.. xD
I really like the way you draw! ^^
Hahaha xD
Hey,this is my first comment,and I'd like to tell you that I looove your comic. :D
It is a realistic one and the way you draw it, it is just unbelievable! :D

Shhh.. I'm a secret fan. :P