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Cavus Sculcuvant
Going to update this... soon.

Damn 1200 Character limit...

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    Cavus Sculcuvant (not really)
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So, how much exp does Dragonthing get?
Shouldn't he be a Charizard now?
Awesome! I was hoping my request would get done soon-ish ^^
And I get more characters as a bonus!

Just one thing...
The front legs are bending the wrong way. =X
Toto and Abby as Ponies from FiM.
Abby, why do you live alone, with your dog when you are so young?
Also, how do you make enough money to support yourself? Also, do you even work? Or go to school??

Edit: Forgot to wish a Happy Birthday, but I suppose I could just do that in person, yes?
(Also for spelling)
I feel that way about all the starters after 2nd gen. I loved Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Chikoreeta and Totodile.
Everything after them seemed kinda... Lame? 3rd gen, the first forms looked ok. Out of the final stages, I didn't like -any- of them.
4th gen was a waste, all round, imo.
And 5th gen? I guess Samurott (I almost said Lutra =X) and Emboar are not too bad, but what's up with Serperior? I mean really.
Anyways, looking forward to seeing the rest of this Nuzlocke.

Also, Long Live Oak.
I'm going to miss HU...
But I look forward to the next 2 comics. ^^
Your comics are amazing, really. Can't wait to see if you can get your Grad Project published.

You still need to let me read it. T.T
Sophie really does have a heart!
Things are getting dramatic!
So, if you don't update today.... does that mean we get 3 strips when you d? =D?
Sophie looks kind of cute in the second last panel.
-more than kind of-
I mean, if your into cute things.
Yay!!! Updates!!
You saved me from having a terrible night, you have no idea.

Yay, updates!
Oooooo Q&A..
Is it too late to ask questions?!?!o-o
Does Abby know that Sophie highjacked the site?
What kind of dog is Toto?
Is it ok if I try to draw Fan-art?? (I might butcher it, I'm none too good at people)
Whats your favourite kind of movie? (Horror, action, family, animated, comedy, ect,ect,ect?)
Not really a question,
But you know, if you need any help with the Elite (like with the Fourth Gym) Just ask.
First Happy Unison...
The world?!
White, Male, Water, 8 badges
No friendcodes?
I have your friend code already. ^^