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whoaaaaa finally an update after like...more than half a year.
AGAIN I'd like to apologize for my inconsistent art style lmao I'm just trying out different things and keeping note of what's more efficient/enjoyable/effective
thanks for sticking with me all this time!
Sorry it's been so long! Have you all seen the cover page?
How do you feel about this lazy art style? Should I stick to traditional? Black and white?
I'll hopefully be updating once in a while but classes start tomorrow!
update: darn it I didn't size it properly why's it so HUGE I can't figure out how to edit the buttons don't work aaaa
@Bella: Oooh thank you for your kind comment! I've been a bit busy lately but I'm working on new stuff (;
@yasha.queen: O: he's the one calling out Julien's name in the previous page. I wanted to include his appearance on a separate page at the beginning but somehow he just ended up looking bad no matter how I drew him > v <
@Riaya: Aaa the point of this comic is to kinda try out different techniques and such u v u
@DianaJones: O: !!!! I just might try that, thanks!
is the text too small lol it's hard to tell on photoshop
trying out ANOTHER different style (not really a style, more like method of drawing). that's kinda the purpose of this comic in a way. Tell me if y'all like it or not and idk
Well that was a lot of school that I finished
@DianaJones: They actually take about the same amount of time! O: I'd like to experiment more with colour though
Aaah school's been pretty busy since second semester started! I'm taking animation as an elective and we had to animate 60 hand drawn frames last week.

This page is in colour! How do you all feel about it? Should I just stick to grayscale?
@Riaya: Julien is how you say....relatable
oop sorry this is late. Holiday festivities have a tendency to disrupt schedules.
@Diana: Thank you!! Your comment fuels me with determination
@Riaya: thank you!! ; v ;
Chapter 2!! y'all better like this page (and maybe even comment on it) because I worked really hard on it lol

ALSO merry Christmas and I hope you all have a good time
well that's the end of chapter 1! hope you enjoyed it. I wish I could've drawn this lil guy some more but we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the next chapter. maybe
another page on schedule! sorry the text is all handwritten and ugly. do you all like the type text better??

how's everyone doing?
Guess who finished all their finals???????? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!

Good luck on everyone's final exams and projects!!
@KilaIesha: !!! Thank you! After finals I'll be able to upload much more frequently!!

Also your profile pic!!! <3 they're the cutest