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Aww... Zach is such a denial bitch, but so love-able. :D

Any idea when the second story will come to sj? -eyebrow waggle-
It looks yummie... :3

Haha, karma wil get them now!
April 16th, 2011
-punch- Stupid Matt! I hope they both leave you! Your wife is pretty. Dumb bastard... -glare-
it'll be okay Alex! Promise! -hug-
April 15th, 2011
Haha. Poor unknowing Diesel. Just wait til HE finds out. :3
Yay! Can't wait. ^^ Hehe, I love your art and characters.
Geez, Pistol... Dominant much? ;D
....... Aww! Eric and and Ariel and and his mum's ring and and and!!! #-#
I love this story so much. .///.