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Im a French starting Writer, i try to tend to my own peace before meadling others wars. If you need my help for somethink, ill be happy to help.

Love webcomic, follow a big band of them in the same time, some registered here on Comicfury (same username).

im a big fan of RPG, D&D like game and Adventure game, but im a Single player Mostly.

Im not good in multiplayer so i tend to keep away from it cause i hate young child gamers, and most teen people who call you noob when they kill you or call you cheater when you kill them. Still i love playing with friend or people other sometime.
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    Mathieu Drago Duval
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Still think that george is cute, and i like her optimism. PS, love your comic.
love your comic, its more advanced here than on comic fury.

By the way love the idea of having villain and monster for main heroes, it change from good people heroes.
lightning blot form the eye, its second to shark whit laser.
Folllow your comic on comic fury too by the way :)
good question :)
the guy are wondering what happening :)
got it too, suck to go to school or work
good to see uptade, love it by the way
love the backsack
2 mounth without a computer and when i come back i have 20 page of web comic on smackjeeve to read, still i missed your webcomic :)

PS, does it count as Suicide ?
thanks for the traduction :)
:) thats funny... should try it someday, not licking frog but saying it.
it make them look stupid, hate people who talk like that :)
:) not mutch to say, its funny to hell
its funny.. dont know wath a dergan but i like it :)
i need a cat girl.