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Don't feel bad guys, Atty didn't know either:

And the sad part is, neither Kirst NOR Luke corrected him, lol

First George, then Dragonthing, now Luke...
H0ly clearly just likes messin' with Atty (and us) when it comes to genders.
I'm betting Atty's as confused as we are.
Judging by those eyes, I'd say that salesman obviously must be some kind of distant relative of Brock.
Somehow I'm not even surprised HE was the one who robbed that house...

Great attention to detail, by the way. With the overturned tree, the fallen books, the pawprints on the walls and the huge hole in the wall, I take it the table leg is fixing to go next?
@EclipseKirby; "Called it from the moment she was introduced."

Wow, you knew she was a Rocket Executive from the moment the comic's Cover picture was released? That was in 2008 - I'm impressed!
"Hell, I'm gonna fuckin' shoot you."
And here we see that Team Rocket has taken a step up in levels of efficiency. Good one, Team Rocket.
Maybe he could order Mr. Fish to latch onto that big dangly lure hanging from Thad's earlobe... That would sway the odds in his favor for sure.
When Dragonthing evolves into a Charizard and he still tries to light up a cigarette with her tail flame, he's going to wind up melting his damn face off, mark my words.
Having a pokemon that walks alongside you is great...except for poor Mr. Fish, who cannot walk. He absolutely left that magikarp back near the cave-in, didn't he?
By the way, I'm sure that hiker is just fine back there.
So is it just me, or are Turdfish's face noodles/whiskers missing in the first panel? o3o
It looks like Atty is under the same impression I was when I first played Pokemon at about age six: "there's a 'flee' option??"

See, the rocket scientist child I was, I actually thought the battle menu;
"Fight Bag
Item Run"
that "item run" was one option, meaning you had to throw an item at the wild pokemon to distract it while you ran away - and the hell be damned if I was giving up my items, so I just plowed my way through all the things with Ember, Scratch or just downright Struggle and a shit ton of Potions for the first fraction of the game.

Why Struggle and Potions, you might ask? Because it also took me AGES to figure out that you coulld actually talk to the Nurse Joys behind counters - yet I knew you could do it in shops because I found that out when I received Oak's Parcel.
But Pokemon Centers? How the fuck did those work, man? :\

I was not a clever child...

...But at least I swapped that Magikarp in and out so damn much that I had one badass Gyarados in no time. >D
If you ever played the very first games, you might remember that there is a second Nurse Joy in every Pokemon Center, whose entire purpose in life is to fill up the gap in the counter and explain about game link cable pokemon trades. c:
I can't be the only one who expected her to come flying out of the bushes all

"Eeeeek!! Did you just TOUCH me?!"

"You wish, lady. You wish. :/"
At least he doesn't steal their clothing...unlike the "gym leaders" Stein and Elle.
This page is honestly very touching. Beautiful work, in all regards; from the excess of detail in the movement and expressions, to the interaction and the entirety of the scene itself.

I do have one question for you personally, though, H0ly. I hope it's not too much trouble, but I'll understand if you aren't able to answer.
What does DT's voice sound like? I can't really imagine her with the same vocals as Ash's Charmeleon in the show, and a lot of pokemon of the same species definitely seem to sound different, but the Charmeleon "Cry" isn't much to go on. How would you describe it?
I sure wish we could hear the other characters as well, of course, but I think I'm most curious about Dragonthing.
@I'm a Guest:
Yes, of course, I'm aware that it is.
I wasn't really trying to comprise a list of all of the exceptions that have occurred in this comic though, so much as simply pondering if Shiny Pokemon might or might not be one of them.
Good memory there, though.
@IttyBenten: I wonder where this comic stands on shinies, actually.

Those never existed in the Red/Blue/Yellow games and it's apparently supposed to follow those pretty religiously (what with the stern denial of Metal Claw, which I approved of), but it's already had a Feraligatr thrown in, so.
Anyone remember that guy who drags everybody back to the gym each time they try to leave town without beating the gym first?

That's right, buddy. You're NEVER getting out of here now. :D
I guess they're just lucky that Elle isn't too bright or talented when it comes to putting two and two together; considering she herself selected the nickname "Raptor of ARSON"...
Had to dig a bit, but. This one?

"Rebecca Pugh ‏@H0lyhandgrenade 8 Apr
Had a fun musing that George, since no one seems to interact with her directly, doesnt really exist and is a product of Attys self loathing."

That is indeed perspective-changing, if taken seriously.
If that were the case though, his imagination must be pretty intense if it can carry a pikachu around, though.