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Cronos Vanreicht
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Ivy Rosethorn
So, this is Ivy Rosethorn, a paper Mario character I thought up as a companion character. She's to be a high class Piranha plant from a plant kingdom. She's got a lusty/sadistic personality and has a habit of being extremely flirtatious with her prey. Bloom and Booregarde are friends of hers.
Here's Freezant, an obviously ice/bug type pokemon who would end up being a beginning bug type to get. Along with him, I'm planning on a ghost wasp for the other bug type to get.
Well, I didn't know about her toy being intelligent and all. Guess there's not a single sane person in Vile's family after all.
I'd be willing to do that when I have that problem occur again, thanks.
Well, I know this isn't the next comic page, but that's coming later for sure.

For now, here's an unfinished variation of Safor I drew over a year ago when I was dabbling with what he should look like. I never really got into trying to finish it after my first couple days with it, since the same feeling never really returned to allow me to finish it with confidence.

Enjoy, even though it's an unfinished work.
Actually I do use a ruler for the borders, but I had made a mistake with the first comic which I corrected with the second comic page. I accidentally used a marker that was too thick to control the ink, so it made a big mess of the borders.
I would assume an arrow to the head lol.
Well, here's the first page. I decided to add the intro plot later after the this first bit of actual comic, so it'll come later.

I've got to admit comics aren't my strong suit, so be patient with me on them.

Turns out on this adventure, the main character is actually dead. There's way too many comics and mangas where the character survives death only to have no memories of their previous life what-so-ever, so I decided, instead of another cliche beginning, kill the bastard off and have someone find his ass and assume his position in life. Finder's Keeper's buddy.
@Doctor_Vile: Stop predicting my future dammit
It's been a while...
Well, I haven't posted in quite a while for Safor's World, but I might in the upcoming weeks. I decided to start, or at least try to start, making a comic called A Harvest's Fancy, which will be about Safor coming across what was supposedly the original main character, taking his contract of ownership to some land in a nearby town, taking up a human disguise, and trying to fill in as the new main character of a world mixed with Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and other fantasy elements. I have absolutely no idea how it might appeal to anyone, but I'll be coming with an intro plot page and I've already got the first comic drawn out.

Hopefully it will go well.
@Nekomata-chan: I'm leaning toward the one with the highlight shade myself, though the one without will probably be closer to the Pokemon style. The face might look better without the slight hooking at the bottom. Once that's trimmed, then it'll be perfect.
Worms of Fire
This is Tunnflare, the evolved form of Crawlembler, and one step closer to their Fire/Steel destiny. Tunnflare is still just a Fire type for now though.
@MartyMcFly2015: Well, since you asked, I'd be inclined to purposely delay making a character of yours since I'm not taking requests right now. If there's a big enough fanbase in the future and I start running out of characters to draw, then I'll start accepting requests.

Also, I had difficulty locating any characters you might've made, so send me one by pm just so I know what your character looks like.
@Nekomata-chan: I wouldn't mind one bit. I'd welcome any interest in spriting these guys, and if your specialty's pokemon sprites, then the better. Have a go at em if you wish.
He's Calm, He's Cool.
So, this is my Chimchar from my Pearl Nuzlocke challenge I've been doing for a while. Early on, he almost got killed by a critical strike from a scratch attack, hence the scar on the face. He's named Ziq in my game, and he has a calm nature.
Grass's Second Form
This is Meduleaf, the evolved form of Medubud. I know she's not colored, but the major reason is that I REALLY hate coloring by hand, since it's practically annoying. Unless I get a really inspired one, or I've got a future picture where I'm obligated to color it (the starter fire type for example), then I will do so, but until then, black and white baby.
This is a dragon I drew with the design intended from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Turned out really good, and as you can see, some parts aren't finished with details.
I drew this around 7 years ago, and I still love how it. This is a title page for a comic I was going to make long ago, which is still in the works mind you, but I might make a written story version first. It's to be about two races that were created from humanity, by humanity, and for humanity's purposes, but ended up backfiring and causing the entire human race to go extinct. Now the two races rule the planet, one called the Vampira, the other the Dragoon. The Dragoon have extremely genetically enhanced natural abilities and technology to artificially create dragons for war and labor, and the Vampira feed off of the genetically engineered dragons to gain power to fight the Dragoon.

Long story short, gonna be good, if I write it right.
SURPRISE!!! RECURRING SAFOR THEME!!! Anyway, one day I was watching some Medabots for a reason I have no idea why, and had the urge to draw some pictures based with the Medabot theme. This is what churned out of that.
Yeah, made her the same time I made the Poke'trainer, Cronos. And yeah, I smudge often and haven't completed it color-wise. I actually like how she turned out, disregarding my scanner which has a tendency to make my pics crappier then they are.