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Samuel Alexander Markovnikov
*Zoidberg-esque wooping noise*
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Search the bodies for clues, then proceed. Preferably without ingesting zombie flesh.
Beware the quiet ones, for they are the most likely to spontaneously enter badass mode.

I think it's the throwing weapon he used to save her about 3 comics ago.
You may as well take me out of this. At this rate I don't think any updates from me are coming for the next ever.

This is a proof of concept thing for a friend.
@Kirbysmith [DJ]:
A new challenger approached (Prinny) Riding a demonic... thing and killed everyone.
I did. But, then again, that monster is mine.
Apologies. Exams have been keeping me on my toes. I'll do my best.
Yeah, the style's changed more than a little. I'll fix it up in the next update.
Get out of the room ,and out of... wherever you are.
Grab some Ammo, then head back to Sioux. Safety in numbers.
Phew... I've been away for a while. Back to spriting!
*Furiously procratinates*
Sorta revenge for Anth on the MG.
So, after some criticism on the MG forums... yeah. Here we go again!
I was going to have to do it at some point, so I figured I'd get it out the way on a some-what dramatic question.

Back to good-old fashioned sitting next week. :3
Not everyone who wants information is out for blackmail and stalking...
Mind you, who can stand whiny adults?
Nate doesn't like to talk about his emotions. They're too easily exploited.

Happy Single-awareness day!