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I'm feeling generous cause I'm older
@SapJames: Thank you for your criticism, I understand where you're coming from Aeon is a very orange/brown color pallet so against wood and brown objects he sorta blends but my time frame for the comic is more of a rugged 1910's feel to things so a lot of browns. I thought very carefully how I like Aeon to look in the story and since he's a thief I wanted him to blend more. Given it gets frustrating to put him in places that both have to have that dull color pallet but it works for keeping him concealed in his environment and vanishing sometimes to the people trying to look for him. At the moment they are just talking theres no need for highlighting anything.
But also I am wondering what kind of screen you're reading this on since Screens with high contrast tend to darken the colors I use a lot making it hard to see the details. I work on a happy medium contrast screen so I can understand if you're having a hard time seeing the colors and details through a higher contrasted screen.
@Purplefox22: who knows
@Purplefox22: is he?
@Amarok: He didnt drink it LOL
@Amarok: no he cant lol
@DFallen: because they are mostly all Cameo's
@Sunrae117: Swiper no swip- aww man
@Eye saw that!: LOL No one usually notices that~
@The_Woofster: Oh do you mean the guy in the hat? No thats Andy, he's a guy from my friends webcomic called Rephaim. Its not on Smackjeeves. And the guy infront of him is Zeek from my story Demon for Hire. I haven't made that comic yet
@The_Woofster: who? no??? these are all my friends characters and some are mine
@GamingNinja: Yes I am
@hiyori97: yes he is
And so we start Chapter 1! Woot this cover took me forever!

Wanna get ahead? Go to !!!
@michelle_lirette: LOL more like they can shift their eye color, Demons and Holy Spirits have more of an actual shapeshifting
@JiinKiin: maybe
Hey guys 4 more pages till the end if chapter 0 of TTH lets do an FAQ!!!
Also dont forget the Questionnaire too