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i like manga
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at first when i saw this i thought that u were with child, cuz' now u r engaged, and idk if married, then i saw the comments and now im like awwww (:0 no babies), then im like :0 ur life sucks now, and now im like horaaaaaaaaaaayh ur not dead!
Uh miss teacher can i go to the bathroom now? you made me go to brown alert in my pants
@Rann: you saw the show the Death Note and ripped it off!!!!

i still love it thouogh madmoselle ( im american with veeeery little french lessons, sorry if it's misspelled)/ monsuier (you never specified clearly)
is that foxy? cuz if it is then you should commit him b4 he dies, mostly cuz he's hot
@ered: >80: kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll him alreadyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
@ered: can u ust shoot that dude, he's reaaaaal creepy
@ered: some advice? do alittle less fake laughing and try to imagine wat the baby of a martin/ cockroach and a mermaid/ unicorn would look like
a little?! he looks like today's version of that one greaser from the movie grease, and now like a ....... i don't know wat u call that now
@ered: Mark: fine one hour of pity smex
@angichan: that look was sooo hot...... can i jump him now?
@angichan: you do know that the chick with kids under her skirt is a dude in the actual ballet
@angichan: that's horrible bout ur fine work, but he is smoking hot whatever you do, unless you draw him bald and fat.
@angichan: she is seeing thirteen fingers
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!
@angichan: please have zoshi kun come back and rescue kea chan from the green snake demon, the red dog demon, and the dani snake! 8(
@angichan: i want a really really big one of kea chan and zoshi kun getting married!!!!!
@angichan: um pat is irish, and only the scottish wear skirts
@angichan: right now can he be real???? i want him
@Yori Hayashi Chan: no kyo is tohru's and anyways if he weren't, his mine ;)