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Not much to say, really. Just that I love Nintendo, especially The Legend of Zelda and Mario. I love Zelda so much I got two Zelda-themed tattoos! XD I also love yaoi and shounen-ai. Muchly. ^w^ And shounen action manga and anime, can't forget that. *w*

I'm on Gaia Online, so if your interested in talking to me there, send a message to Kuroemi! E-M-I at the end.

Don't expect me to post any good comics any time soon. *can't draw to save her life* -_-; I DO have a comic, but it's not the most important thing in my life, right now. Meaning it's barely updated anymore. XP It's still on my mind, though, so updates aren't ENTIRELY out of the question... >w>
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Here it is! Page 38, before June, just like I said (for once. X3)

I'm taking down the filler from before. I doubt anybody'd miss it. XP

Aaaaand... Yeah, that's all. XP *crawls back under her rock*
Yes, I'm alive.
This is just a little something my brother noticed last night. I haven't been so inspired in a LONG time. XD roflmao

But I bet you're all wondering, "Where have I been for the last...."? Aw, dangit, how long has it even been since the last update? @~@;;; The days have been blending into one another. It feels like I just posted the last page, though I know it's been months. XP

Page 38 has already been sketched, it just needs ink and clean-up. I MIGHT have a day off from work on my birthday, coming up soon (a day I've worked on for the past 5+ years), but it's not definite. Even if I work then, I'll try to have the page up before June.

Of course, if you've followed this comic for any amount of time, you know better than to hold me to that. >________<;;;; *crawls back under her rock*
lmao Nobody likes the attendant. XD But I don't think I've ever heard of this story, so I have no idea who falls in love with him. X3 But whoever it is falls in love as soon as Nightie (my name for the Nightingale) sings, that much I can guess. XD

And on a separate note, the kitchen maid is kyooooot~ >//w//<

I think I'm going to enjoy this one. =D
lmao Rayne WISHES it was really what he was doing. X3

I missed Rayne toooo~ >//w//< And I knew it, it WAS her! =D

On a side-note, Samurai Champloo rulz. XD
Hold up, is that Rayne's "girlfriend" from Nocturne? =D *crosses fingers*
Richard was so. Cute. D=

What the hell happened? lol XD But whatever. X3 *glomps 'em*
February 1st, 2010
OMG I am a spaz. XP
I finished this page yesterday, and posted it on Drunk Duck that same day, but I totally forgot about Smackjeeves. This is what I get for posting so close to bedtime. XP

Anyway, not much to say besides "please enjoy." =D
Now who's showing off? XD lmao
lol It's a good page. *stares at it*
lmao XD
lol Then it's a good thing I don't have the game. XD Sounds like it'd eat me up in no time. *w*

Btw, what's Ohayocon? =D *brick*

EDIT: *finally remembers* Ohayo... Ohio... XP Nope, I'm stuck in Oregon. And I'm broke, anyway. @w@;; Sorry. X3
I think the hand-shaded backgrounds are perfect! OwO *stares at the pretty pictures*

Drama? Where? *stays tuned*
Awwwwwww.... <=( He misses Henry already! It's so cute and heartbreaking at the same time. X3

Great way to make a comeback. ;3
lol These pages are so old, yet still so good. X3
Hey, I know these two! They're Faji's friends! =D The ones that were making out everywhere. X3 lol Still making out, I see, even if they are just exchanging Eskimo kisses. <3

Oooooh, does this mean Faji will make an appearance soon? 8D *waves her flag* I don't care if it's just a cameo, though I am rather interested in seeing why they're spying on Kane... *curious kitty head-tilt*
I wonder if there's another reason Casey's angry.... ;3 Or maybe I'm being too much of a fangirl. lol X3
lol I wonder which one is gay. ;3 *rolls eyes at herself*

Myaaaa~ Morgan's cute! XD >//w//< But something tells me this little revelation isn't going to go well with Mik and Aud. X3 I almost can't wait to see that. XD
December 25th, 2009
I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas...
I wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year! XD Or, if you don't celebrate X-mas, then Happy [insert holiday here]! ^w^ I hope you like the present I've posted~<3

I've decided to stick with pencil and ink, using the computer only to clean things up. I actually cranked this out while watching Spirited Away on DVD. X3 Oh, and the first half of Howl's Moving Castle. <3

Comment reply for page 35:

@unknown3rd: Thank you! ;w; *huggle/glomp* I sent you a couple of PMs, but I haven't heard from you yet. I hope you're doing well. ^w^ *huggles*
lmao "Epic. Fail." rofl XD And that grin doesn't bode well for Gwen's date. ;3 Will there be disguises? =D

And I must be totally sleep-deprived, because I can't stop wondering what Casey is listening to on those earphones. @w@;;
lol Somebody's not a happy camper. XD

And don't worry when I disappear. I always come back! XD I'm like a cat that way. *meow* =3 .... Wait, I mean a boomerang. lol X3