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Kojimira HH
Well, what I have to say?
Hm... i'm from Chile. I have 17 years old. I like online comics, metal music (Sonata Arctica most of all).
I like singing too, I'm kinda good on that ^^U.
i draw too, but I think I'll practice more because I want to do a web comic, as well.
I like Romantic/fantasy/crazy/horror things.
I like to read too, I read a lot. Well my favorite Autor is H.P Lovecraft.
Yeah... Ia Ia Cthulhu fhtagn! x3

Someday you'll see my art. I hope you'd like them ^^

Ah! And... sorry for the english, it's not my home lenguage.

Kojimira Heavenly.
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Careful. Hehehe
Scruffy haircut...Hmph... HAHAHAHA
I love your caligraphy (sp)
It's really pretty.
Keep going, i love it.
:8!!!! So cute...
A blood pact o.o?????
Left handed!?
cool *-*!
OMG HIS BACK!... o_o...

You really are going to kill us all with this kind of updates xD!
But, I love them!
That must hurt so baaaadly~~!

But... Hey! Blood 8D!!! *cough*

Poor Inu anyway :/
It remainds me when I roleplay Call Of Cthulhu...
Massive Sanity loss o-o!
poor girl u.u
I think that they are like puprple o-o
Wohohoho..My nose!
Ah...Ah...blood >//////<!!!!!!!!
She knows how to make the boys say "yes" >->
But it's adorable :3
I love your comic!
Faaaaav >:D!
It's pretty cool!
continue please~
I saw that comming! And.. the filler space is the best thing i've ever seen!!!
My god u.u
I just love this page~
Hm...If I were the prince I'll choose both owo
*cry cry cry cry cry*
OMG! <3
I just love this page!
And the history seems to be veeeery atractive owo!
Nice nice :**