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Hello, I'm Zello and i create comics and stuff... yeah... o3o

idk what to talk about.... other than go to my dA account :B so....

OOH! Forgot to mention the wife suddenly turns into a man \: because... my art skills are just that amazing that i can just change gender per strip
THEN HE DIED. What a happy ending~
He fled athens because he was worried about something... i don't really remember haha, i think it had to do with the war going on and everything was all tense and what not
this is when i ran out of comic ideas and time to actually finish the comic~

His school is called the Lyceum by the way... if you care
SUPER AWESOME MAGICAL BUTTON THAT BRINGS THE GAURDS IN! Aristotle was a total butt kisser and he did whatever he could not to piss of the royals yet at the same time teach Alexander things
Aristotle was really proud of his school. Im sure it was revenge against Plato (even though he's dead) to make his own school. Also im pretty sure his wife thought he was insane
They ended the tutoring because Alexander had to start training for battle or whatever and he got to play with weapons. I would rather play with weapons then listen to Aristotle prattle on about things

Anyways the book Aristotle gave to Alexander is the Illiad by Homer. It is said that the Illiad was Alexanders favourite book or novel or whatever and he always carried it with him.
What 12 year old boy (or even girl) would want to this listen to some old man prattle on about... anything really~

The hair joke is a joke based on some of the busts i've seen of Aristotle and i always found it funny how his hair was always really shiny... so that was more an inside joke...
I have no idea what the relationship between Aristotles Wife and him, though he always belived that women should be happy but for humor purposes i think that Aristotle was a total dick of a husband, but Pythias (his wife) is a total boss of this relationship
MEET ALEXANDER THE GREAT! As a young boy he was mainly interested in war and fighting like most 12 year old boys during this time. His father wanted his son to be educated so he called Aristotle to be Alexander's tutor.

There is not much on the relationship between Alexander and Aristotle. Though it is believed that Aristotle was just his tutor, though there are rumors that Aristotle pedo'd Alexander... There will be no pedoing in the comic if your wondering~
Assos is in Turkey, and Aristotle is in Greece. To get Assos Aristotle would have had to have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to get there. Hense it being difficult
Aristotle left the Academy, basically because he was pissed he never got the school
Aristotle never got the school. Plato's nephew (i think, im a bit hasy on who it was) got the school
Aristotle always thought he would get Plato's Academy and was pretty confident about the idea
"WHAT IS IT?" is Aristotles catch phrase, because he questioned what things truly are and what they are made of etc...
Aristotle was a misogynist and most feminists dislike Aristotle because of his strong opinions.
Aristotle believed that women where colder than men
Aristotle and Plato had conflicting opinions. Aristotle basically thought that Plato never explained his beliefs clearly enough or not at all.

look at that sexeh beard he grew in 6 months time, AWWWW YEAAH~
WELCOME TO MY COMIC ABOUT ARISTOTLE! Oh yeah i know all of you are just excited for this, yeah i know! I made this for my Philosophy class and i did my best to make it as accurate as possible, though at the same time i changed a few things just for humor purposes but it's not like you'll notice or care. if you do care, just post a angry hate comment or something and tell me how im all wrong and i'll just ignore you and it'll all be good~