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"Chilly,chilly rain."

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Hello there, I'm not very sure how often I'll update but I'll try my best OvOb
Escarletta's a nice name =v=. I'd like to see the place when you update O3O
Darn, gotta love Iza :3
August 19th, 2011
I'm really starting to love this >V< Keep up the awesome job okay?
July 31st, 2011
I voted for you!! >v< I think you deserve I simply love your layout design!! It's simple yet attractive XD
Goodness you're art just so amazing it blinding me >.> Like the BG oh my! you did it all by yourself, and the story is really cute too, can't wait for more updates OuO
Oh my O///.///O I'm quite hooked, so yes, now I'll fav!!
Oh my you've got such an interesting manga you've got here, and your art's so amazing to boot!