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I'm just hear to read all these great comics.

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September 21st, 2013
It's Prague Race!!!!! :O What does this mean?

I love her. I freaked out 'cause I was listening to her when I saw you had posted a new page. Then when I saw the actual page.. I freaked out.

(My friend freaked out too. She says you have a cool art style and an interesting comic.)
Yeah.. Delilahs eyes in the second panel are a trying to be derpy.


Also, Emil tell us please!

(I like the slightly shorter hair Emil has when younger, I know its not that important but it stuck out to me.)
August 27th, 2011
I love how that's her first reaction.
August 27th, 2011

The nosebleed...

This is such a cool way to explain why she's out of the bunker.

And funny too. XD

+ The little doodles are great.
Has that scar always been there..?

(I'm blind.)


Anyways it's great to see you updating again. Sorry about what happened to your computer, but hopefully the new one works well.
Its good to see the Emil worrying for his sister.

I love their interactions.

(+Yes. How you draw their hair is just really well done. Props.)
Quick Post
Things really just got serious...
Talk about a tone change.

Also, LOVE the film reel paneling.
I really like her clothes.
They would be great in real life.

+ Also is that a reference to..?
No, I must be imagining it...
It's great to see such happy pages after all of those tense pages.

+ I am now and forever in complete support of Lila/Ruth~
Lovely comic. The idea behind it is great.


Haven't you liked your journey though?

You're back!
...Are you?

+ Love the triangle panels and, like always, the art.
Truth is...
I'm enjoying the butterfly..

- And even after all of this I'm still in awe of your art style.
I'm completely blown away by the cover, it's just.. amazing..

I love it~
I'm sure it's going to be great.

Please let the shit get super real...

I want to know!!


Loving the last panel.
+Thank you, as always, for the comic.
Great to see the comic again.
/Too much to handle.


+ Anyways.
Cool were finally learning more about Charlies past.