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Cartoonist and all round scribbler.
Pa favours a .70 cal modern hunting rifle, to blow 'em all to dixie.
The 'cake' in question was just some weird icing stuff; no flour, lots of sugar and it'd never seen an egg. This was when we got stranded in Gibraltar, maybe that's how they do cake over there, to fuck the Brits off like.
Ah, the age old question...

I think this is the only comic that didn't really happen and was just a joke I made up. Let's get that cleared up!

I may have had a shell suit though, back in '91. Everyone did.
My friend said to me once that people who stare at us in abject horror are just jealous. I said he was delusional. People think we're losers.
A friend and I went out for a curry and I watched this happen. Amazing.
When this occurred it made me laugh more than anything else. You overhear some great comments on the tube.
This happened; real people, total strangers just took a photo of me on the tube. Who does that?
Or has Cybear met his match? Dun-dun-duuuun!
No knees; means he can't sit down on the job...Not that he would mind, he's Goddamn Sheriff Burns.
That'll take some getting over, I can tell ya.
haha - this ain't no teddy bear's picnic.
They'll never learn!
We probably will... but first millions must die ;D
ha yeah. We've thrown a few references in here and there throughout the series.