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Bitches love Resorts, Waterparks and Beaches.
So.. Where's the joke? lol
Happy Birthday, Sonic!
Are you a bad enough dude to pass a perversion test?
Alright. So we're not getting a new Alex Kidd game?
I like the new colour pallete. It's almost as if I'd be able to see through her if she were real.
A normal girl has eyebrows. A normal girl has hormones. A normal girl doesn't have a giant fucking bobble head.
Get your cross, son. There's Exorcising to do.
Now if only he looked more manly and less fruity. Then we'd have a character. lol
Yep. But funny people shouldn't have to explain their jokes. So I'm finding a little contradiction here.
To be honest, I think Anthony's much better. lol
Once more, the fire IS the best character.
Oh, look. One of the few good people posted. lol
How would anyone believe that?
The fire is the best character.
It's a classy name.