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Happy times
i was in a good mood today so i hurried up and got this one done, ive started to draft my comics up with a pencil and paper, so i can get these out earlier without worry about the layout. However, i may be going inactive until i can get a bamboo create, seeing as my comic from here on will be alot more dynamic. the only way i would update sonner is if my scanner works, but chances are, ill just be gone for a while till i can get the hang of this
lol im still waiting for my bamboo tablet, we will have to wait a while before the excitement starts, but it will be here, most likely when i buy the tablet
new art style
hey im back with my webcomic, i have switched to using paint dot net but i am still stuck to using my trackpad on a tiny netbook, hopefully i can save up enough to get a wacom bamboo tablet

Atticus cigarette lights the way for her journey