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my life is at WIP lol *insert awesomeface here*

i hate writing stuff about me so yeah >w>

me in short:
i love tuna X3
i is a computer nerd lol
i give out a LOT of freebies
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KYAAAAA~! *desu desu kawaii ultra sparkle*
i coupon!!! i did that math, and i have enough money for white noise!!!!! i'm gunna buy it as soon as i find my wallet lol, time to clean my room
i only has 5 dollars at da moment ;>w> i need to get more money for white noise~!!!!1!111
White Noise FTW X3
first of all, the book looks awesome >w< you did a epic job~

I like Riona because you can really relate to her and she sends out good,realist vibes (cough) also she like pockys so shes a friend of mine ;D

and~ i like white noise in general because of the comical scenes, the art style, the interesting characters(bad character design=bad comics) and randomness~!
i joined smack jeeves because of white noise, so it's also kinda inspiring for me~
good luck.
i love the last panel for some reason lol
your art reminds me of the creator of pink innocence :D
OMG i love it >w<
this made my day :D