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Now that I'm an adult I have to deal with things like a job and work...which means my comics will be updating randomly, sometimes months will go by without anything, I'm very sorry for not being able to work at a consistent rate.

I have mostly been working on making my own business. I make Origami jewelry <3
You can see my stuff on my Instagram
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I don't know if I can keep up an update schedule, but I feel bad for leaving this story kinda on hiatus for so long >.> and I DO have it planned out and stuff! I'm just too lazy to draw it >.>
So.....apparently I'm gonna try drawing it in color now, because apparently I'm masochistic!
Drawing digitally is so weird~
thank you for the support
Oh yeah, Chris is a girl, we never really outright stated that since it wasn't really important >.>
You wouldn't eat your car would you?!
Mizu just likes eating people >.>
Yeah, sorry about lack of updates. I haven't really had the motivation to draw for a while. And my friend (the writer) has been too busy writing for reals (as a job) to tell me what was supposed to happen, as is, I'm probably gonna just get them to a town and just have random shenanigans happen. I'm much better at 4-koma jokes than real plot >.>
Still updating, just really slowly....
I no longer have Photoshop and I'm trying to make due with Gimp but it's kinda...different to use...
Reasons why Ice Elementals aren't allowed to do anything involving heating things up
I started trying to do Amadare's story a looong time ago but it just never ended up happening. Basically the Dream World was in danger and Ama had to find a powerful Dreamer to help him save the Realm of Dreams.

It was originally gonna feature a girl whom Ama contracts to become a Magical Girl to fight off the Nightmares.

I think part of the reason the comic never ended up happening was because Ama takes FOREVER to color.
Mikito's got an irrational fear of Dogs

So anyone who wants to get rid of him only needs to teleport a Dog to where they are...
Akaiha's a homeless Pet who refuses to get a Master.
Mirai's been bringing him food, clothes and other things ever since he met him.
The two are friends, well Akaiha considers Mirai his friend (and maybe something more) while Mirai claims he just tolerates Akaiha a little more than most people.
Unlike the other comics (which take place on Other), this one takes place on Earth.


I keep trying to draw out Hanko's story, since it's technically the BEGINNING of my entire comic's world...

The story all began with her wanting to have a more interesting life, meeting an Alien, having magic users and demons transfer into her school and eventually learning about Other and getting her first Pet...

Of course as it happened, all my other characters and their personal stories got in the way and distracted me from actually doing Hanko's story...

I did have all this stuff drawn out (during elementary/middle school) and as the years went on and I continued drawing the story I only posted the comics I drew during middle/high school and up.

So the beginning of the story DOES exist in comic format but it was never posted online. I've been trying to redraw it all from the beginning but I keep hitting roadblocks.

So I am posting this here and might continue it at some point.
Some Liches will bind their soul into an object to make them even more invulnerable than they already are. Luckily, while Liches are dangerous, they are extremely rare.
Mizu explained the concept of death to Lum as 'Game Over'
If you can't already tell, this and the previous comic were drawn at a different time than all the ones before it.

I do that sometimes, I draw a few comics that get forgotten on my computer for years until I find a place to post them...
1st Randomizer comic! And boy was this random.

Zarik is actually part of the Mangetsu family but from a different branch. The Mangetsu family as a whole consists of multiple branches.

Zarik's Owner was Ookami's little brother, who has since left Other to live on Earth. Ookami took over the responsibility of taking care of all her sibling's Pets when they left Other.

Listed below are the Pets from the Mangetsu family.

Ookami- Shinu, Korosu, Sora, Kori, Nazo, Tsumi, Mikazuki, Ghoul, Fuyu, Komori

Ryu (Ookami's little brother)- Zarik, Elleron, SadFire, Koroshi

Wolf (Ookami's twin sister)- Zaphery, Kerp, Yarnix, Hade
Kori is an Ice Spirit whose powers go haywire whenever he's attempting to cook. His brothers have pleaded with him to stop trying to cook but he's quite determined.
So far any attempt at heating things up will make frost go everywhere. Kori can make sandwiches safely.

Fire and Ice elementals often have their powers go out of control while cooking. It's a mystery why that happens. It takes years of training for them to get the needed control to turn on a burner.
Pink and Yuki are Familiars. Which are to the residents of Other the same way Cats and Dogs are to us on Earth. Meaning they're kinda like pets.

They aren't called pets since the residents of Other are called Pets.
Might explain more about the society of Other in a future comic...