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<3 love~
@shadowknight19100: the little star at the top of the comic page
the voting image isn't appearing for me
one year later, IRL, no new comics in the sequel
i'm thinking from pokemon, first season. when charmeleon became charizard, wouldn't obey ash for awhile. mainly just blasted him with fire, and slept X3
woot, ways of the heart!
three actually. maisey, neko and keno
February 11th, 2012
lucky guy owo
for the evulz!
@Agen that one there is NEKO, not KENO. keno is orange with a white stripe, neko is white with orange stripe
pass, mass, lass, sass, bass. those are the easy ones X3
jason is so cute here ^w^ and happy birthday jason :3
January 20th, 2012
lets see how this goes now >:3
happy belated birthday, and your not THAT old. i'm 19 myself, turning 20 later this year
damn, this was a really interesting story. i hope to see it start again soon
happy new years able
December 27th, 2011
collar...kinky >:3
actually, there are fanservice tits in the ad XD
merry christmas able :3
@razor hehehe, good one XD