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Arrow looks HAWT and masculine in these panels. I'm looking forward for the upcoming conversation!!!!!!
lol I could not help but notice that he background of our three candidates match the color of their eyes...and then something hit me:

Blade/blue: color of sky and sea, sympbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence - blue has a calming affect (and associated with heaven).

Gun/green: color of life and nature, symbolizes growth and safety - however can be associated with greed and jealousy.

Arrow/red: the color of fire and blood, associated with war, danger, power, as well as determination, passion and love. It is also emotionally intense.

Dude, the colors kinda match their personalities!
I agree that this page would be great in color, and the masks are smashing!
April 24th, 2017
Burn baby burn
April 17th, 2017
There is not one thing that the father mentioned that Diego cares about.
I am reading this comic so therefore the comic is back up. I am not up to date with smackjeeves rules, so does that mean that the nsfw scenes are no longer allowed?

Btw, young dashing Diego is creeping me out. Does it say something about me that I find a one eyes, long haired, tattoo covered older Shrapnel more charming?????? The guy is handsome both young and old....but I don't trust his clean shaven face. It reminds me of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast for some reason (and no have not seen the new live action movie but perhaps it is cause it is all over the media lately that is where the comparison comes from).

Or maybe it's the frills on his shirt. I'm ready for him to start sparkling like Blade.
February 20th, 2017
Young and handsome indeed, but I'm partial eyepatches (and long curly hair)

Some Grenade would be nice. Love his hair...seriously I think your comic made me realize I have a hair fetish....escpecially curly hair on men.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA why is there a gnome next to the My Grine?????????
@OtherworldsComics: then im guessing Gun is going for the girl to his right. She has similar built like Arrow and short hair.

In Austin TX it does not snow often and when it does the people freak out and EVERYTHING closes. My family is from Virginia which usually gets a couple of snowfalls a year and every other year get a nice healthy blizzard or two. So my brother likes to make fun of the Texans and their inability to deal with snow. I like to go to Texas for the winter to ESCAPE Virginia's cold.
I wonder if Gun has a type that he prefers? Like, he was attracted to Arrow because he looks like a girl, but is that his TYPE?

I'm chilling in Texas with my brother and baby nephew and figuring out this whole 'aunty' thing for the holidays.
Like the new reader @Sylvia stated, doing a guest comic might help keep the readers when there is a break between chapters.

Or, a sneak peak of an unfinished panel from the bonus content.

Do you go to conventions? I know your schedule is packed, but promoting and networking at cons might help.

Okay, now I'm shipping a threesome because of panel three lol.
Three things happened when I saw this page:
1) My jaw dropped at how difficult it must has been to draw all these characters in one page
2) I laughed HARD when I saw Waldo
3) I laughed even harder when I read that Waldo was in the description

Is Waldo REALLY a character?!
Diego. Maria. Toxic.
Milosh. Aishe. Dark Road.

Can't. Decideeeeeeee.
As an American who has spent the last week feeling betrayed by her own country, and possibly going through the 5 stages of grief - the humor and lightheardeness of the last two pages are appreciated.

I also appreciate that Arrow is like okay I forgive you but we are not 'mates' yet. 'Mates' means there is a degree of trust there and once trust is broken it takes time to regain. Neither Arrow or Gun trust each other, but they are willing to work on it.

Lol. I just realized Shrapnel is acting like human resources LOL.
It makes sense that Cannon started with the Hawkers, they let him be himself which is lighthearted and jovial as you said.

Btw Arrow is gorgeous in the first panel, and it's nice that he doesn't seem to be intimidated by the more seasoned pirates. O
@OtherworldsComics: I am still getting chemotherapy treatment and will be traveling twice in november so unfortunately I am not even attempting Nano this year ☹️

I was considering trying it out and even had a novel idea, but traveling TWICE while still getting chemo which lays me out for weeks...its not plausible. Hopefully next year (I am supposed to either be done with treatment or at least be on maintenance) I will be able to try Nano.
Isn't it crazy when you struggle through a project and can only see the faults yet everyone who sees the accursed project don't see anything wrong or different with it? To us readers we are just enjoying the dialogue and characterization, Shrapnel's wicked tatooes, the highlights on both Shrapnel and Gun's dark hair, the wonderful color of Gun's green eyes, the way that though both Gun and Shrapnel share the same tones of color in both skin and hair, they are both starkly unique and different from each other in hair, confidence, and style.

In this reader's eyes, this page is just as perfect as the rest.

And yeah, I kinda ship them too.
It says a lot about his character and what kind of man he is that he is able to push aside his biases and take advice from a man he doesn't see eye to eye with. In my opinion it is a characteristic of a very good leader (or potential leader - Gun is still rough around the edges).

This is what I appreciate about the characters of the comics. No one is one sided (good vs bad), and no one is perfect.
Isn't the 30's great (says this with dripping sarcasm). Poor Gun, he makes me laugh at his obliviousness - and who better to be like meh you're just like the rest of us lusting animals then Shrapnel himself.