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@snugglebunny: Is it hard to breathe in a latex suit?

What is the appeal? Can it be explained to noobs?

If you sweat in a latex suit, does it just pool to your ankles and stagnate?

Is it truly like a second skin, or is it just super tight and aggravating?

So many questions!
So happy when I spotted Legend of Korra in here.
Third panel is lovely(:
Why isn't this possible in the game?? Would have saved a lot of time...
BTW, Atticus is definitely the most awesome trainer ALIVE. He can make Pokemon fight without command AND he catches them without a problem. What a proper BAMF.
WTF Ron?!
...I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Number 8 looks like Ron Weasley. Straight up.
EXCITE. Can't wait for new pages(: