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Suicide Knight
On the weekdays, I kill myself. On the weekends, I kill myself. I am the king of not being able to kill myself, and it is amazing, for you see, I am not an hero. I am an villain.
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I ruptured my ear.
And it is bleeding.
Hi, I'm stoned.
Don't blink at the comic, you'll miss all the good bits.

As in the parts that aren't fucking dumb, because I'm really fucking high right now. (The not stupid, almost joke-y bits.)

See you tomorrow.
Personal Information.
Short one today.

I'm trying to get Space Marine to patch through to v1.04, but it says it's gonna take a couple of hours. I figure I should leave it on overnight, then I'll be able to play it tomorrow.

Been watching a lot of Wakfu lately, and rather recently, Kung-Pow, Enter The Fist.

It's a real brainmelter, that one. Just plops my gray matter on a frying pan and cranks up the heat. When all's said and done, I've got hamburg meat instead of that squishy stuff, but that's just fine. It's probably pretty delicious.

I can just taste my IQ dropping.

See you tomorrow.
Personal Information.
I've been pretty sick lately. I've got enough tissues scattered around to make up a whole tree now, I think. That tree did not die in vain, however. At least it saved me from using my blankets as tissues.

That'd be pretty disgusting.

Day three, or is it four, of being sick?

I'm getting pretty tired. I think I'll just take a shower and nap through tomorrow.

Wait for it. This comic has more to it.

Don't blink, you might miss it.

See you tomorrow.
World Information.
The people of The Shatterlands are prone to mutations. Humanity isn't measured in how human you look anymore, but more how human you act. Funny that often times, the least human in appearance are the most "human". Some have their flesh replaced by fire, but they'll be the first to say hi as you walk down the road.

It's still terrifying, and there are still the plenty few who are outrageously inhuman. Most of those who aren't, flee to abandoned structures. Still, there is always more to the iceberg than just the surface.

Most of these mutations are caused through a blood to blood transfer. For instance, there are living rock people, and if one of them cuts their hand open and smears their blood, mixing in a human's open wound, three things could happen.

One, their muscles turn into a flexible rock. They grow sharp, daggerlike teeth in their mouths, and their facial structure in general becomes more angular. Their strength increases, and it doesn't tear their skin to move.

Two, their muscles turn into a flexible rock. They grow sharp, daggerlike teeth in their mouths, and their facial structure in general becomes more angular. Their strength increases, and the skin does tear, and a layer of flexible rock grows over it.

Three, their skin rips off and they bleed to death, their corpse becoming rock.
World Information.
Death, in the world of Shatterland, is usually the end. Only great warriors can come back, and often do not remember who they were in life. After all, there is no afterlife for the people of Shatterhand. There's nothing to come back from. Often times, these great warriors will band together in times of great crisis, and make things worse, because they don't know who is who. It is due to this fact, that any and all undead are grabbed on the spot and re-instituted, provided they are not wild. They are intelligent things, and appear to be very adept at what they were good at in life. Sometimes, if their brains are still intact (which they most often are, to start with, along with their nerves, bits of their organs, etcetra), they will get visions of their previous life, when something triggers it. From a pet peeve to a traumatic experience. It differs from undead to undead. Some of them don't even have their brains intact, and still, they get visions of their past. None of this has yet to be explained scientifically, but most scientists would really rather keep away from those creepy freaks.

It doesn't stop schoolgirls from making up rhymes about their own untimely demises.

It's a wonderfully terrible place to live, The Shatterlands. They've all got a very dark sense of humor, and they like puns there too. It has to be terrible.

Oh, yes. Scroll over a bit for the last bit of the comic.

See you tomorrow.
Life Stuff.
I got two Vitamin C fizzy cherry pips for the price of one. They taste really good with sarsaparilla.

Cherries taste good with just about anything, in my opinion. Sometimes I'll pick up some cherry volcano cake on my way around town. They have a lemon flavor too. I think maybe tomorrow, I'll try that one too.

I had to go pick up someone from the train station today. Someone coughed on me on my way home and now I'm sick. Such is life, right? Haha, I hate headcolds.

See you tomorrow.
Fun Fact.
Silence has always been deafining to me because my ears ring constantly when nothing is going on, due to my exceptional hearing. It gets to be to such a point where I need to have some sort of noise going on, lest the ringing start up again, and my thoughts be clouded by the sound of nothing.

I wonder if anyone else has that problem.

See you tomorrow.
Fun Fact.
The backgrounds are heavily inspired by an old NES game called "Shatterhand". It's a game about punching things, and it is very viewtiful. Be prepared, however. It is very difficult as well. Even with the robot helpers and the powerup.

See you tomorrow.
Fun Fact.
The font for this comic is called "AE Systematic, and can be found on DAFont.

See you tomorrow.
Fun fact. This comic is made in MSPaint.

Later, I will use Graphicsgale, I think. I do like layers.

See you tomorrow.
So it begins.
Really, it only gets darker from here on in. Might get a chuckle now.

Who knows? I'm not you.

Enjoy, and remember.

I'll see you tomorrow.

There was gonna be more, but then there wasn't.

What, you thought he was just a simple toss-off character? Balls no, it's a regular get-together for SK. Gee, what are the odds~?
I think this means that this is on a normal updating schedule again.
I bet none of you are gonna remember this Introducing Cappy. More on her eventually.

Gee, those floors sure do look weird.
There's really nothing cap-like about it.

In fact, it's kind of a weird name.
This took way too long to come to you fellas.

Here ya' go.
Possible Hiatus warning due to mild mental breakdown. Updates will resume when I get a better grip on reality again, and probably with less gray backgrounds to state at (maybe, possibly, I'm not entirely certain yet). I can and will most likely still be sane enough to talk as coherently and cohesively as I am now, but I'm currently packing on a lot of work upon myself, and am giving myself very little free time to do a whole lot of anything else.

This includes new graphics for this comic. Locations, poses, objects, etc.

Gonna try and update anyway, but they may end up being as short as this strip here, until I can man up enough and get my stuff straightened the funk out.

A concept of time would probably help too. In fact, it would no doubt solve most entirely all of my problems, apart from organizing the swarm of bees in my head that I call a thought process, though I'm almost entirely certain others would call it "a swarm of bees in their head", or maybe "AAAAUGH, AAAAAUGH, NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!"

Edit: I realize there is a problem with the flow of the comic upon posting, and I really, REALLY can't be arsed to fix it now.

It's not like I was making a joke or anything. Like SK said, it's not very funny at all.
I've been up for a week. It's time for me to crash, but damnit, I can make deadlines early too.

Friday's'll likely be at the usual 4:20 timeslot, but I wanted to get this done before I crash for likely the rest of Wednesday, and a fair chunk of Thursday.

I should really make them all earlier and have a comic buffer, but I hate making those damn caption bubbles and the tails every damn time.

The character emotions are always a treat, though. Love doin' that.

Oh well, I can't think of anything better for the caption bubbles.


Edit: Forgot the aforementioned tails and faces. My bad, it's fixed now.