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I've noticed that.
I've also noticed attack animations that aren't exactly what you think (When lucario uses Hi Jump Kick it's a 'crotch shot' in Pokemon Battle Revolution).
To clear some things up (due to ease of porting stuff outside of japan)
Digimon wasn't made first (Pokemon came out before it in Japan), It however managed to get released to the US before Pokemon was because it was easier to port it's original form (A "Tamagachi for Boys") to the US then Pokemon's main form (a Monster Trading Videogame).
I think I've had this happen before.

If it was on PMD (the first one), I think burns can stay on Pokemon that doesn't get burns if you manage to walk on lava(or another status causing floor) but don't have an ability that prevents panel effects It keeps the status active but the type/ability that causes the status to not happen doesn't rekick in, I also think they fixed it in PMD2, I currently don't have a way to test this because I can't find my cart for either one.
You know, there's some logic in this I can actually agree with.
Mac Image editor
Try Seashore, it's not as good as gimp feature wise but a patched X11 isn't required to run it in Leopard.
"Smack Jeeves acting up for everyone else?"
It's been acting up with me for the past few weeks, I've had to hit the back button on a good chuck of comics because it's pushed a "reload" that never loads.

the odd thing is it happens on most of the more popular comics I have in my Fave list (this one included)
*resists making pun*
I think he had a blast when he got shot by Nack too, just not after he got shot.
It's for the DS.
I have mixed feeling about the speed booster, while it's possibly one of the most powerful upgrades it also causes pain when trying to get every single powerup in the game to get a 100% ending.
Edit: The post I was commenting about was deleted.
I read it, it was good for the time that it was up.
>.< Good luck with the rings.

Also here's My FC
Super Smash Bros Brawl (name: GospL): 4983-4606-6495

I'll be adding you the next time I get a chance Shin.
@Eternal Cry
If you think Nam lost his mind, you haven't seen anything yet.
Puns in general make up a large chunk of the humor world that isn't made up of inside jokes.
Monster House?
I have to thank you for the comment about the colors in the background being green, reason being, I now Know I need to adjust the colors on my computer's monitor.
Give People an opening to make something gross, and they will make it gross, especially if you leave yourself wide open for it, My advice to prevent future insidents would to have double updated with the explanation being one of the 2 comics.
Ask if it's temporary. If it is go with it and then toss it after the crisis is over as to prevent the power from corrupting you.
@ Silent J: