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Get well soon!
Aw! I hope that phase goes away in time! If it's any consolation--I think your art is freakin' awesome. Keeps getting better with every new page you upload.

Also, just wanna say I love that last panel with the close up of Coke's face. Ungh!
I wonder if Kim is going to help Kylee out here.
Hah. I love these exchanges.
Oh man! This is getting intense!
Yesss kissss

EDIT: by the way! welcome back! How was your trip to NY?
Personal stuff can be complicated. I hope all is well or at least getting better.

Sounds like a storm is a'brewin'.

Who is this now?
Game over, man.

Oh Gannet
January 25th, 2017
D'aw! This is adorable!
I definitely like this shirt better. Nothing says "sexy as fuck" as unicorns.
Ahahaha! Wyatt's reaction to that is just...amazing.
@lunabob: Exactly. I like that this story is taking its time with its characters and their relationships. I mean--the hot and heavy stuff is sexy and whanot, but usually with rush sex scenes with little to no character development...there's no substance at all to be found. It's more memorable if there's build up over a period of time and you actually give a damn about the characters.

I like me some sexual tension.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm enjoying the hell out of this build up. It's interesting!
Hot damn. Kim is good looking.
Aw! This is lovely!
Ouch. Marking his territory, eh?