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@Creppzuzette: OMG, he's allergic to toothpaste? Who does he maintain his perfectly white teeth? D:
Alternate text "You belive every shit, it could also have been acid!" :D
there is a tail missing O_o
November 17th, 2011
More sex? me wants story!! D:
Could you be so kind and put the Chapter with the bonus pictures at the beginning? Everytime I click an newest page, it shows me the last in the row and its one of the bonus pictures and no page. I have to go search for it.
Hair at arm, no hair on ass? Y U NO MAN? D:
did the both little boys got penis-touched candys ...?
I thought sex would destroy the flow, but this clumsyness paired with actual time related issues makes it a bit better.
"What do people do when drunk?" MAKE OUT !

Sorry @Irene-thingy, I live in Germany and we had floods a few weeks ago. My house got flooded and I lost my whole library. I know how that feels ...
Löwis? Why not say Löwenbabys D:
Seriously? xD
With every page I fall in love again with your comic!

Sergio seems to get more and more asian because of the small eyefold.
The black eyes of the photo make them look like aliens/atlanteans xD
Why are they landing on the side, when they were falling food down?
Are these things windows in the backround?
Is Klaus' body dead? When his demon soul left him, he was rotting so .... was that just necrophilia? :D
Oh my god, is Jet crying?

I got your package these days, but unforunately, my keychanis are broken. Stupid postman. q.q
I love this comics but isn't the pose of the victim in the last panel a bit werid?