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Everyone of us knew that things were going to get complicated for the characters.
So I really doubt that most of us are not gonna like the rest of the series. We are probably not gonna like some of the decisions they'll make, or even maybe some of the situations that are waiting for them down the road. But I believe that not liking one event, or how things turn out to be in one episode, doesn't mean we won't like everythig else.
"you never cared about me"
that always comes out in this kind of arguments...
Even though we are mostly killing each other to see who's right and who's wrong with this sam-lauren conflict(which is a little stupid coz we are talking about our own perspectives on this situation, and is natural not to agree with everyone) I believe that is great that we are all so involved with this comic. One of the things, besides the great story, that keep me coming back for updates here time after time, is that I see that there's a lot of people that feels part of this fictional world as I do.
"That's a nice story, I especially liked the part in the middle"

That's why we all love her. =)
the black guy looks like "hey, I'm famous and I'm talking to you. You should feel flatered"
I find it weird that, despite being spanish, christo speaks a perfect "american english" (this page is not the best example, but I've been noticing it it for a while now)
she doesn't love him, but still she's crying. So at least she cares about him. Is a different kind of love maybe, but still love.
the art and the story (so far) are awesome.
I'll can't wait for the next update!
Christo speaks too american to be spanish...
that's what's like to be gay?
The new design is awsome!
love the work you've done.

I see only one thing I don't really like:
To go to the previous page, you have to go all the way down and see the entire new page. Sometimes I don't check for updates in an entire week, and when I want to go to the previous pages I haven't seen, I get an spoiler of what's coming! (yeah, not really big deal if I scroll fast, but it was cool when the previous button was on the side bar). I don't know, maybe is something complicated to do at this time, so, in that case, it's just fine, but is a little detail that I find useful. =)
It says Sorcerer's stone?
"everybody was kung fu figthing ....."

"Patrick is gonna get the shit kicked out of him and he's gonna blame Peter for it. Further deepening the rifts within the group and causing a break."

Naa, I don't think so.
I believe that this story is not happening nowadays, is in the past, so you won't have to worry about Blackberrys.
In panel 1, Melanie has 4 fingers o.O
worst christmas ever!