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I repeat - I am back!! AND I fixed my comp. It's seriously a miracle, cuz it was just dumb luck that I managed to fix my non-responding windows that literally didn't work, at all. No erecovery management, no auto repair, no safe mode, no advance repair options, so on, so on. I just had them F-buttons to click on. x . x

Well glad it works, glad it's behind me, hope it never happens again and I'll try to upload as often as I can.
@Shoujo Fantasy: . o . ah I never thought about that, thanks for the tip!! e v e
@Skully: > v > I'm glad you do, kuku it's starting to take a direction
@Ling: haha I'm glad you like it > V > Bamf is really one of a kind char. and Pomuh is more cuter then she thinks XD
Chapter 01 - Page 04
Wow what happened you might ask. It's only been a day and an update=!

U . U well my friends, I was kinda disappointed by that last page since up till now I've been working on a 2000px height resolution, after re-sizing the whole thing got blurry so I thought hell with it I'll work at a 1000px height resolution and see how it goes. Well it goes much faster and even though I can't actually add tiny details everywhere I still find it rather satisfying.

Anyways, stupid joke. IK. Oki, see that is a romance shoujo rule there, intro has to be. > v > //
@Ling: kuku > u > you got that right, Bamf is a total cute ass demon.
@Ling: thank you!!! ; 7 ;// ah pomf has the weirdest and funniest expressions in this XD
@tempoTester: ; 3 ; fast?? but quality is important too U . U *nods nods*
@Skully: * 7 * uwah I promise to keep updating for sure!!
Chapter 01 - Page 03
Oh hey look at that only 7 days in between the update. Improving pomuh, woooo. > V >

Anyways I HOPE to get one more page before my travel hiatus. T 3 T// enjoy guys.
August 26th, 2013
omg I just randomly clicked this today and aaaaaah so happy I did, I love everything about this ; v ;
and pleaseeeeeee continue!!! I am really dying to read more and know more BECUZ I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS AND THIS STORY ROCKS although not much is known of the plot I still love this ; 7 ;/// <3
haha I wonder too > 7 >;;

yeah, yay for update ; A ; I'm sorry for making you wait, I'll try to work faster. T M T mmm
@AlkseeyaKC: thank you!!! ; v ;
and hello! //waves
thanks for checking my comic out ; 3 ; amg I still can't believe you've been working on your comic for so long, I can barely make my first chapter here > A <
Chapter 01 - Page 02
Ahhhh I'm so awful, I'm taking too long to update. It should be once a week at least and now I'm glad I can get a page done at all. . A . how do webcomic artists do it!?

Well I'm hoping that after I get past the beginning and get into the routine I'll be better at this. I hope.

BTW - Can you see the common cliche pattern?

Loud obnoxious morning - check
School uniform - check
Running scene with toast in mouth - check
@Skully: thank you! ; v ; I hope the story will interest you too = v =
Chapter 01 - Page 01
I managed to finish this sooner then I thought so I'll just go ahead and upload it since I don't want you guys to wait too long for the story to begin.

This page took a lot out of me since I'm not used to inking so much, but I'm sure with practice I'll get the hang of it. ^^

ALSO I draw with Sai and don't use manga tones, everything is hand drawn.
@raigerr: hh like you don't have me enough on skype? XD but thank youuuuuuu~~
@Asuyan: asu-nyan thank you for registering//logging in for me! T V T means a lot *snuggles* I hope I don't disappoint chuu!
Random 01
A fancy introduction of Bamf and Pomf.

The one with the pink glasses is Pomf.
The cute one in the back is Bamf.
Look at that spoiling cover, eh? Right? Right?

I have really odd humor, you might feel that this is not funny at all and leave after page 01. > A >;;; Sorry in advance.

Well guys I will try my best to work on this as much as I can. T V T First page will be released on Sunday, the next will follow on Thursday. In case something will get in the way I'll try to let everyone know.

Pls. leave lot's of comments. Even dumb ones, I really appreciate any support you can give me. = v =