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As you can tell from my screen name, I like video games. Primarily Zelda games and most other third person RPGs and adventure type games. Although once April rolls around, I'll probably be barricaded in my room with the new Mortal Kombat. Other than that, I'm pretty much just a drugless hippie. My hair is down to my midback, I only shave when I have to and for the most part, I have a massive distrust of the government. Is it odd to dislike your government but love your country? Anyway, occupation the register box title says... I work in a dog "hotel", which is a place where you take your dogs and we watch them for you while you go on vacation or remodel your house. As you can guess, my job entails cleaning up after between 50-150 dogs (depending on the time of year), washing their food bowls and performing general maintenance on the property, all for about $8 an hour.
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Michelle, of all people, is the one to tell him this. He got robbed, yeah, but he didn't fear getting robbed every day of his life for two years, and his betrayer never threatened to kill him. When she left her attacker, she was in the same place Patrick was. Little money, little clothing, but she pushed through and worked to get back to where she's at. Meanwhile, what did he do?

And shutting someone down with that whole "You wouldn't understand" bit is one of the most infuriating things I've ever encountered. It's not that Michelle wouldn't understand, it's that Patrick doesn't feel like explaining it, or more likely, he doesn't actually have any justification.

Good on you, Mr. Twist. I'm excited to see where this goes.
@Jeffko: Extending olive branches? Being civil to each other? Hi, you must be new here.
@Shyandya: I think most of us could find themselves in Kara. ;)
Guess he's found the girl that he'd do that Kara threesome with.
What's this? Patrick going INTO the closet? This is new.
Man, now I can't read Wiley without putting in horribly mean subtext. "Yeah, whatever you guys want, you butt-rimming slogknockers. Think you're so smart."
@Skylan2021: Neat plot hole you discovered. None of Sam's other friends would even give Rick the time of day, so there's no way they got his phone number, and it would be incredibly hard to look him up in any directory given that all Sam knows is that his name is Rick "That guy with the goofy goatee and the smooth ways with my lady" McSomethingorother.
@Sandra: Well, if you don't give this the How I Met your Mother treatment where Peter knows the exact details of what everybody else says to each other when he's not around, for all he knows, Sam and Lauren broke up shortly after leaving the bar.
For a moment when I first read this page, I had forgotten that Christo lived with Sam and Lauren, so I thought he just raided Sam's closet, stole his clothes and took off to the pub.
The more she rants, the more it feels like she's admonishing the audience too. Especially the whole "He was happy to be friends and you couldn't believe that" bit.
I find it just a little funny that panels four and five sum up Mr. Twist's news post perfectly.
@Xasswuwe: Actually, the first thing he says is that she's home, which I think he is legitimately surprised about.
I think Rick and Lauren should get together. At least then they'll have someone they deserve. Like the readers before me, I'll say it again. Lauren led Sam along, knowing full well that Rick had feelings for her. How is she going to get mad at Sam for getting upset when he was totally justified? Rick obviously was blowing him off because accepting that Lauren had a boyfriend meant immediately having to give up unless he was going to willingly break up a relationship to do it.
I'm gonna laugh so hard if Rick gets her home and tries to sleep with her, totally proving Sam's jealousy well earned. Later, Lauren will write a letter to a winged unicorn about the lessons of friendship that she learned, and the relationship between friendship and magic. But that doesn't seem to fit Twist's style, so we'll see.
She's a dyke psycho. A dycho, if you will.
Rick got back up? He must not have punched him hard enough. Hit him again!
Few notes: One, perfect response to Rick's previous question.
"Haven't you done enough damage?"
"Not yet" *busts Rick in the face, causing 9999 damage*
Two, I love how it looks like Rick's trying to grab Sam's hair to take him down with him, but then comes the realization that Sam shaves his head.
Three, The way his sleeves look make Sam look like he's wearing some kind of Bruce Lee monkish get-up.
Four, I love how Christo is the only one who saved his beverage of choice. He must have some serious ninja skills to be able to swap hands holding the drink and pull it out of the line of fire.
@jodie: I was hoping the punch would knock the mustache off, resulting in a dramatic reveal.
And then this is where we find out that Rick is a racist?
My guess as towards why he's not looking forward to the comments is that our good friend Mr. Twist know many things we don't about the coming events. Perhaps it's not Sam we're supposed to side with in Twist's perfect world, but Rick. The new guy who just wants to be friends with Lauren, but is experiencing a hateparty from her friends. I've had that experience with my group of friends before when one girl tried to introduce her new boyfriend. It did not go well.