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I just... I can't be angry when they look like that.
What is this Mr. Downbeat, is this compassion I see? I'm not sure Fruitloop is familiar with that... I love how Loop is just so pessimistic about this, helping nice people... Whyyyy?
All caught up... I even reread from the beggening to get the feel and damn this comic made me all choked up more than once.

Cat, you're so smart sweetie.
Ohh, Jimmy... I still feel like the relationship between Jimmy and Chris is and would be better than him and Cat... I adore Cat but, it just doesn't feel right. -throws things in the air-
So cute. <3 ;v; Ilovethiscomic.

I think you mean... "Did I get it?" Or "Did I get/do it right?" for the top part.

When he says "Okay! I'll ask you more one last question." It'd be better if he said "Okay! I'll ask you one more 'last question."

Instead of "All" maybe make her say "Everything!" Or "All of it!"

"You... areripping the upholstery."

"It's because, i'm soooo excited."
Pffft. Thank you ;v; That got my downbeat(haha... pun)self feeling a bit better for some reason. They're so much fun.
This is either where I think it's going or not going there at all.
;v; she's amazing though either way.

"I want to know all about you." How did that one slip by? cx
Sssh... Just get together already.,-touches their faces- Besutiful people.
Augh... They're adorable though...

And... I... She... That was.... I fricken didn't know she was a girl! ;u; AHAHAHAHAHA... Haaa... Ha...
.... I thought his mother girlfriend was A male.
I don't know why but this had me laughing.

>D good, good. We're making progress.
Hmm.. Maybe..
"How did you know it was me?!"

"How the hell does anyone not know?!?"

"Screen where everyone is watching"

I'm not 100 on this one, because it would depend more on what you were going for but..
"Do you think i'm that predictable?!?!"

And I think this adds a bit more of an effect.. ;u;
"Okay! You'll see!"

"You're fat!"

I hope this is helpful.. qwq <3
Your art is adorable by the way.
SUCH a frowny face mister Downbeat. >u> Then again who am I to talk, i'm claustraphobic and have noted I don't like crowds enough times.. >u>

Oooh, I bet the sky looks Sssssinester still. vuv And Mr. Downbeat hush, he can't help talking. ;u; I'm like him except... Not. Just as talkative though. Blahblahblahblahblah. <3
Would you mind if I noted some grammatical errors on this page and the one before?
I love how he's just like.. "Thaaat's nice," eue
You must spend so much time replying back.
Thank you for doing that.
I lps these character... Gahhh. <3
Update more with your amazingness!
Aaand.... Nothing. I've to nothing.
Nope. Not at all... Hmm, no, I feel bad for the poor boyfriend. He's so freaked out buy this. ;u;
Suck a lovely, loving family. <3
January 30th, 2013
He's so adorable.
I just died a little inside.. I think.

Pfft. "I saw a video." ?
How can anyone not love thissssss... vuv
September 30th, 2012
I mean he looked damn young on the cover picture but.. God.