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Well... Occupation is a bust. I guess I like comics, anime and chocolate... mmmhhh... Chocolate... Erhh... I am also very uninteresting so there is definitely no point in stalking me. ^_^' P.S. I love the previously mentioned face. ^_^
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    Gabriel Hansen
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Too True
@Gosky3: So true it hurts, though that may just be the ocean having an aneurysm due to the shirt's pattern.
I shall sue you
How dare you use my name without my permission? Tisk tisk, H0ly. Tisk tisk.
Hopefully hoping
I am beyond hoping that it's mask guy. If it is, I shall be of the happy. Also, it means that both kahn and Atty shall have parallels to those extremely powerful trainers. Their Pokemon even matching in the end.
I Think You Mean...
@Master_72: If by "Gargoyle" you mean BATCHU, then you'd be correct.
Still rolling~
Behind the scenes goodness~
Mistakes and Compliments
Love the comic so far, though I feel obligated to point out the typo at "You know do know" in the third panel. 'Should be "You do know". Silly mistakes like that aren't bad, it kinda sounds like he stumbled over his words, which I find to be a cute quirk in characters, maybe because I do it so often ^_^
As Per Usual
As per usual I'll say that I LOVE this comic. It's really engaging and interesting. I love to see my childhood brought back in comics and your comic's probably my favorite.
September 13th, 2012
Opinionitive Crap
I really like it from what I've seen. I can't wait for more of this comic. ^_^
This is amazing
As per usual your comic release is amazing. I love how you really bring a sense of reality to Zelda and change things just enough so that it would make sense in a real setting. ^_^ I also love Link's Art style. It's cool in my opinion.
Mistakes and Compliments
I think you meant "Where did he get that?" Just thought I'd point that out. Not too sure if you can actually fix that, but figured you might wanna know that it happened. Also, as usual, I LOVE the comic. ^_^
Yeah, I'm thinking that those sirens are police sirens 'cause that's down right abuse.
Good Job
Nice comic as always. Can't way for the next page.
I loved this page SOOO much. I can't wait for the upcoming ones~
This is my favorite pokemon related comic as of now. Good job, I'm really enjoying and can't wait for next week.

BTW First Rating!
Happy Birthday and nice comic. Sorry, I'm not a girl, so no kiss for you.
Nice work
Love this part in the game, you did a good job presenting it. ^_^
I almost died
The moment he said "map" I almost had a heart attack, but then I saw Vivi and almost had another, but in a good way... If that makes any sense. =)
Silly Atty
Silly Atty, everyone knows fire types are weak against ground types, except you, that is.
Thanks for the answer. =)
I really love this comic, especially the little hidden things.
What's the pink mask supposed to be?