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I like it! :D You're art is also improving a lot and I love the style!! :>
Love all the different classes of magical girls! :D
Reminds me of Haroun and the Sea of Stories with the Chupwalas. :)
Love how Bodyguard isn't just a regular side character!!
I feel like Assistant will either never find her hat and wand in the comic, or will have a really cool one like wand repair. (Seeing as there was a big uproar when Petunia's cracked, that seems like a big thing??)
Yayyy now I can ship Nim and Purple in peace~~
Yesss!! :D I wonder how Erica will react??
I didn't expect that!! I was wondering how you'd fit your other nuzlocke into this one!!
Hack go get the booty.
@WarriorNun: This comment is too perfect. XD
What a convenient pole. XD
Hmmm..... Yeah, I still ship it.
Love the Kadabra in your style by the way. :3
Nice!! The music is very fitting, and the dresses are all very unique! ^-^
I see that symbol of life reference. ;)
Pokemon go through puberty fast... O_O I love the attention to detail and the creativity of the gijinkas!
The dialog is so cool! :D
@TTSky: That's a good point. :)
By the way, to the people who told me about Combee also being a bee pokemon, I only said Beedrill as a bee because it looks more like a bee than Combee. ^^
Are there actual bees in pokemon? :o Or just beedrill?? O_O
Who cares if they kill Snow? Another uke is just gonna come along and become the fairest anyways~
That'd be awesome if you made an extra story about the mom and dad! :D