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The creator of such titles as Goblin Hero , Small Town Punk , Escape and many more comics that no one's ever heard of. Now I'm working on By The Book. When I'm not making comics I enjoy video games, D&D and Warhammer.
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Don't worry-that's just a stylistic thing-Zeen is not blind :)
Gimps all around! Thanks, Automaticjack-I may resort to the gimp if needed-although I'm starting to get the hang of Clip Studio paint. It's better than what I was using-just takes some getting used to ;)

Yes, the 4th wall has been demolished, ground into gravel and used to line Deadpool's driveway :) I know some people don't like it when this happens and I used to worry more about it but BTB is supposed to be pretty silly and I also wanted to replicate the sort of joking around that goes on in a game of D&D.

Some groups are more serious about not breaking character than others (and too much joking about can be a bad thing-don't want the game totally de-railed) but in my experience there is a fair bit of (urg) 'banter' (hate that word-almost as bad as 'uber' and 'epic' and 'humbled'-all used way too much these days (grumble)-but it's the best one for the job here I suppose) and referencing of movies and the like in a good D&D session-so I feel like this sort of thing is not too out of place in a comic about D&D :)
Whew! That was a tough week! My old computer finally gave up the ghost last Sunday so I was forced into using my much newer 'Windows 10' machine-which still refuses to recognise my scanner despite many attempts at a wide variety of fixes. Also I can no longer use the ancient version of Photoshop I have (Photoshop 5?) as it won't work on my new machine.

I managed to draw out 2 pages in the two days or so when I was updating my newer computer and trying to get the scanner to play ball and ended up installing Clip Studio Paint and the drivers for the scanner on my brother's laptop so I could scan in the art on his machine (which is also Windows 10-scanner works fine on his computer though. My new computer is a butt). I transferred the files over to my new machine for colouring.

I also installed 'Clip Studio Paint on my computer as I'd heard a lot of good things about it and didn't want to sell a kidney so that I could keep using Photoshop. It's been slow going as I've been learning how to make everything work but I managed to figure out how to do things eventually and have been getting quicker at it over the last couple of days.

I think in the long run this will be a good thing-This software seems far better than my ancient copy of photoshop. The brushes are great :) So-This new page is the first to be coloured in Clip Studio Paint (vs Photoshop 5). I did my best to keep things consistent, though some of the settings are different on the new software so some of this required estimation and guesswork.

I also splashed out (in part to hopefully speed up production of pages, in part out of desperation at the lack of a working scanner) and got an art tablet-the sort that lets you draw on the screen. Not top of the range, but it should be a step up from my Bamboo :) I'm HOPING to even draw the line art for the pages with this once I've practiced with it a bit (still pencils and paper at the moment). Once I get okay at using the softeware and the tablet I may even do some art streams :)

So-a tough time getting this page done on time and lots of big changes but I think it'll be changes for the better in the long run :)



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But if they do that they won't have the awesome might of Rath to draw upon. Oh...I see your point. Yes, that would be a good strategy ;)
Rath's true form is stronger than this one (though not a whole lot stronger). Devil bunny form is slightly stronger than either forms and a LOT faster while devil form is strong in every area (though not quite as fast as devil bunny ;)).

It'd be interesting to see what would happen if he shifted in this form. He can't change into devil Rath at will anyway. I wonder if his devil bunny form will be different if he uses it when he's a goblin? ;)
Yup-I tend to just play what I think will be cool :) I do my best to make that character good at what they do (I want to be a useful member of the team) but don't go crazy with trying to make them super strong. If you make your character too ridiculous you'll just annoy the DM and the other players after all :) OP builds are a fun excesise but taking them into a game is generally a bad idea :)
Lol-Lots of little oversignts in the rules. I actually quite like the monk. It's not too bad in Pathfinder. Not the most powerful class at all, but not terrible. I just like the idea of a character that goes up against the horrors of a D&D world with their bare hands :)

I think part of the problem is that a more close combat oriented character will generally have a decent magic weapon as they rise in levels-which unarmed fighters tend to lack. In my group we usually gave monks 'magic wraps' or 'magic gloves' which took the place of a magic weapon (so you could have '+3 flaming wraps-which would be cloth bandages that would go on your hands and feet). A lack of armour is also an issue. You defintely need pretty good stats to run a decent monk.

I think people temnd to go wrong with monks when they put their best stats into Dex and Wis when really I find it's best to max out Str to take advantage of the large number of attacks you get.

I try to get an okay Dex and Wis (for saves and AC) and make up for the less than stellar AC with bracers of armour and the like later on.

My minotaur monk was VERY powerful. He had a Str score in the 30s when we stopped that game. He tended to fight quite defensively with various stances and being able to deflect one enemy attack per round but when he went all out with power attack he could really deal a lot of damage.

I think a lot of people get hung up on the AC. Have as good an AC as you can but being able to dish out the damage is more important. A reach weapon will help at lower levels too (strength and a half damage on a long spear and lots of attacks of opportunity with the right feats and an okay Dex score-you'll stop a lot of low HD enemies before they can reach you).

Pity Rath is not a minotaur ;)
Life must be very confusing in D&D land XD

Really though, those checks are only meant for creatures you have not encountered before. I would say it was all just a bit of a laugh, but some D&D players...Let's just say they take things a bit too seriously and 'using common sense' is something they just can't do (since they don't have any) ;)
That's when it's time to step in with some house rules I'd say. First of all, I see no reason why the mount has to attack first. The controlling player/DM should roll in whatever order they like. Secondly, the charge bonus to damage from a lance or the like should only apply if charging while mounted (except in the case of creatures like centaurs-apply common sense here). Pretty simple to fix :)
I used reach to my advantage a lot of the time, JL. Glaive+'Combat reflexes+ an okay Dex and a good strength score-glorious :D (especially at lower levels-gettinga few attacks of opportunity becomes less important as you level up more).
On the other hand, if you don't have reach or missile weapons, giants or the like can be a real hassle. Luckily 'combat reflexes' is rare in giant opponents so they usually only get one attack of opp per round. That's when you delay your action until after your fellow close combat specialist-'No, by all means-after you, my good man' ;)

One particularly sadistic DM I played under gave his giants a feat called 'large and in charge'-which would knock you back and stop your charge if the attack of opportunity hit home. Very annoying XD
Rath gets grabbed, Alice gets buff-Zeen probably gets into more trouble :( New vote pic for December is up! I may have been inspired by a certain video game...
New page next Saturday :D I only just finished this one today but I'm going to work super hard over the next week so that I have 1.5-2 pages by next weekend. That way, hopefully by January I might have a page or two of buffer as it'll be back to 6 pages per month then :)



A big 'Thank you!' to all my existing Patrons-you make this possible :)

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He should! I'm surprised he hasn't thought of it yet. Maybe he sees that as more something to play around with than an ability to use in battle :)
Hobgoblins were not artificially created. Hobgoblins tend towards military professionalism whilst orcs were bred to be soldiers. Hobgoblins tend to make better war leaders, though a leadership cast of orcs does exist. Orcs have attempted to rebel against their warlike nature in recent times, embracing art and culture in an attempt to be seen as more than mere tools of war whilst for hobgoblins art, culture and battle are one and the same :)
Okay, JL-You are now the official advisor on Rath's future ability development :)

If you have baps every day they won't be a treat anymore, Xenofurr ;)
That IS bad form-if you go poking around a person's crystal ball history you can't complain about what you find ;)

Flying kick sounds pretty sweet. Could you combine it with powerful charge(+D8 damage on the charge)? I expect you'd add the D8 after doubling the regular damage though-otherwise it might be a bit OP.

His dark form would probably flatten the cultists pretty fast, Panther-if he can change into it. He has to reach total despair for it to kick in. Devil bunny form is not as strong but is much easier to assume (provided he remembers about it). It gives a slight buff to power and resilience and a massive boost to speed (vs the devil form witch is not quite as fast as 'devil bunny' but is far stronger in every other regard).
Rath 2009-2017 :( (Not indicative of his age but his existence as a fictional character-he's not 8 ;P). He's gonna get beat so hard that he no longer exists. It's like the nothing from 'The Never Ending Story' but with more curb stomping :( 'Rip in peace' as a certain animation critic would say.
New page! We are on to stage two of the battle! Rath charges in alone! What can I say-that boy is a slow learner ;) Classic 'Late bloomer' in Kingdom Hearts terminology/leveling up stats. Of course, that means he has a lot of potential for rapid advancement later on. Provided he can live that long ;)

The interweb is a magical version of the net-though far less ubiquitous, since many people can't afford their own crystal ball. Crystal balls are not as exclusive as in your standard D&D setting though (as this setting is well into industrialisation). Probably at about 1998 levels of saturation in the more developed areas of the world-so interweb is common but far from a given in well to do households-almost unknown in poorer or more backwards areas :)



A big 'Thank you!' to all my existing Patrons-you make this possible :)

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Hmm-he could. It seems like Rath has forgotten about that power at the moment. Maybe he sees it more as a recreational ability-Although it might actually be quite effective against these guys. He's just too damned eager to run around punching everyone in the face :(
As I know what's going to happen I am not at liberty to comment either way :)
It might be a ring attached to the handle of something else-an additional weapon perhaps (Hmm-this force baton is very...suggestively shaped...).