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The creator of such titles as Goblin Hero , Small Town Punk , Escape and many more comics that no one's ever heard of. Now I'm working on By The Book. When I'm not making comics I enjoy video games, D&D and Warhammer.

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Comment on Pg25-26 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 23 Nov 2014 03:50 pm
Yup, Gnomes shoot first and ask questions later. Questions like 'who are all these people we just killed?' 'There's a bear and a lizard man and some gnolls-ah well, toss 'em in the ditch with the others' -alternated ending to BTB-everyone dies by gnome mob ;)

Yeah, Perrick could pretend to be a wallet inspector. Not sure how good his bluff skill is though. He's not a very good liar at the best of times, let alone when he's in imminent danger of being ripped to bloody shreds :)

Me and my brother once infiltrated an evil organization by pretending to be mine inspectors(in game of course-all our real life infiltration attempts have ended in failure thus far). We both sucked at bluff (or pretty much anything outside of combat) but we rolled a nat20! Can't believe that worked. We usually used the subtle plan of 'run in and hack everyone to death until the mystery is solved'. I guess subtlety pays off every now and then. Soon after the successful bluff we hacked everyone to death-only starting from a different room than we would have done.
Comment on Pg25-26 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 22 Nov 2014 05:04 pm
Yup-and I bet Svengarr (the dwarf) is regretting the kilt at this stage...
Comment on Pg25-26 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 22 Nov 2014 01:18 pm
Yup-keep the hat safe :)
Comment on Pg25-26 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 22 Nov 2014 10:54 am
He's okay-he's safe inside the ice wall-it's like an igloo, or digging a hole in the snow-ice or snow are actually quite good at keeping the warmth in-if you have any warmth (like body heat, or a giant ball of fire). It was perhaps more favourable for him when everything was on fire, but as he can generate his own fire magic, consume it and then make more (even stronger)fire magic, he should be okay ;) No way of knowing what's happening inside the wall though-how successful he is at completing the fireball remains to be seen...
Comment on Pg25-26 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 22 Nov 2014 09:14 am
Super double page! And next, some race guides and maybe a map of the world. I have an idea of some of the locations I need to include, but I’ve never sat down and drawn it all out-could be tricky, but it should be fun too :) I liked the map he made for ‘Two Kinds’ a while back. Did that use special software (campaign cartographer) or did he just draw it? Hmm-I may draw my map but I haven’t decided yet.

You can see a higher res version of the page here- (Smack jeeves limits the file size, so an image this size comes out a bit rough looking).

To see the comic full size just right click it and select ‘view image’.

Thanks for reading! :)
Comment on Pg24 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 20 Nov 2014 02:38 pm
Oh yeah-that was it-Garnet and that weird girl with the horn on her head could call them. 9 was my favourite I think, though the end baddy was a bit weak. FF7 wins as far as villains go.
Comment on Page 42 of Ushala at World's End
peteranckorn, 20 Nov 2014 07:41 am
So good! Need to read the rest when I get a chance :)
Comment on Page 1 of Ushala at World's End
peteranckorn, 20 Nov 2014 07:24 am
Awesome work! I need to make time to read this-it looks cool :)
Comment on Pg24 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 20 Nov 2014 06:33 am
You just need the Bahamut Materia, or Guardian Force or did it work in 9? I can't remember now. Did you learn it by carrying the right kind of dagger or spear or wearing a ribbon or belt? Moroz can't summon such powerful creatures herself-she used a set of magic carvings to do that (see last page). Similar to the Raven Knight's white raven, although these are for combat rather than delivering messages.
Comment on Pg11 of By The Book
peteranckorn, 19 Nov 2014 04:04 pm
That's true! He just has normal weapons too(not magic or even master worked). He needs an upgrade! I need to re-read some time-make sure there aren't any important threads or the like that I've forgotten about. Good to take stock of where things are at every now and then :)

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