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Sorry for the 3 weeks of wait! I had a great vacay!
Sorry for the lateness :D
Don't mind the constant coloring flip/flop! It will make sense in the future :)
The Government is run by a Bitch and her Asshole HA!
That's pretty cool to know!
April 23rd, 2011
This is an interesting genre that I never seen before! :)
That means he is not going to be a happy fellow
Yeah! Love the pen and ink work man!
Your watercoloring is magical. I hope to emulate this in my own comic!
Now comics will be updated earlier on Saturday night, because I usually finish Friday night on the comics X)
April 13th, 2011
It's interesting how they switch their emotions so subtly yet all of their thoughts can be read directly in their body language! Love the Victorian feel
I am thankful that I don't have to do soft light for a while...or bricks or wood! UGH
This is adorable! Keep up the awesome work! Def. keeping track of this webcomic ;)
Thanks Pia! I hope to get this rolling as well as your own!
Enjoy! Took 3 days of intensive care to bring this to life!
oh CAPITOL! hahahaha!
Colored Pens
Might not redo this one 'cause It took me hours to color this all during a Millionare Matchmaker marathon...
Totally going to redo this page. Playing with different mediums: computer, colored pencils, pencil, and pen to see which medium works better for the comic. In the end, it was pen with minimum color since color kicks my ass all over the playground.